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Ref country code : AT. Ref country code : FR. Ref country code : CH. Ref country code : LI. Ref legal event code : PL. Ref legal event code : ST. Ref country code : DE. The relay has a rod-shaped armature 21 which is mounted with one end via an insulating support 34 on a reel flange The side of the anchor means of contact springs 39 are anchored in the carrier 34 , respectively, to which the armature movement is transmitted to the carrier This eliminates a slider to Operate.

The offset arrangement of the center contact springs 39 in the carrier 34 a friction which prevents contact bounce occurs largely at the contact points in each case.

Die Erfindung bezieht sich auf ein elektromagnetisches Relais mit einer Erregerspule und einem langgestreckten, einseitig gelagerten Anker, der sich im wesentlichen parallel zur Spulenachse erstreckt und an dem zumindest eine Kontaktfeder isoliert einseitig befestigt ist, welche sich parallel zum Anker erstreckt und mit ihrem freien Ende jeweils'mit mindestens einem Gegenkontaktelement zusammenwirkt.

The invention relates to an electromagnetic relay with an exciting coil and an elongated, semi-mounted armature, which extends essentially parallel to the coil axis and to the one contact spring is isolated attached to one side at least, which extends parallel to the armature and with its free end in each case 'interacts with at least one counter-contact element.

There are several arranged in a plane-contact springs, the contact springs are within a bobbin clamped on a resilient retaining clip to a plate-shaped armature, said "Kontaktfe- the insulated only on one sandwiched film electrically from the anchor. Constitute at the same time the bearing for the armature, which bridges two spaced Jochkernteile with its springs opposite flat side upon energization of the relay.

Due to the direct connection of the contact springs to the armature, a separate operating slide is saved, whereby no harmful for the contacts abrasion arises such a slider. However, in the known relay, the arrangement is unfavorable, as are disposed within the coil bobbin not only the armature and a core, but also all means of contact springs and space demand, so that the coil gets a relatively large diameter. By the arrangement the anchor with the fixedly-connected center contact springs in the vicinity of the mating contacts is also clear a short spring length and a high stress of the spring material.

Further, the arrangement of the contact springs directly to one side of the flat armature the disadvantage that the anchor can only form on one of the springs opposite flat side a working air gap, so that for example a poled system in which the armature forms with two opposing pole plates working air gaps, there can not be used.

According to the invention this object is achieved in that the rod-shaped anchor is fixed with one end in an insulating support and mounted on a first coil flange on this carrier, also extending substantially over the entire coil length up to the opposite, second coil flange, where he a at least forming pole piece a working air gap, and that is also anchored in the support contact springs also extend outside the coil at a distance to the anchor substantially over the entire coil length.

The inventively provided insulating support thus serves to hold the armature and the movable contact springs at a distance to each other and stored together on the coil flange. Both the armature and the movable contact springs extend parallel to the coil axis to the opposite reel flange, it being ensured by the distance that the magnet system on the one hand and the contact units on the other do not mutually interfere.

The bearing is as far away from the contact points that practically no abrasion can reach the contact surfaces. Moreover, the bearing friction is very low, as caused by the elongated design of the armature and the parallel contact springs on the armature stroke only a small pivotal movement in the bearing.

The armature itself may conveniently be within the bobbin along the coil axis to be arranged, while connected to the armature contact springs are in any case outside of the bobbin. This a very sensitive polarized magnet system, for example, can be used.

Since the armature is alone without additional parts in the coil body, it takes up little space, so that a coil can be used with a small diameter. It is also clear in the relay optimum utilization of the excitation energy, as introduced into the spring energy is converted fully in contact force without intermediaries operating slide. Here, operating adjustment method can be used in particular contactless, with particular advantage, the method described in DE-OS 29 18 having a metered application of heat is of importance.

The movable contact springs of the armature could be attached in the carrier in an embodiment of the invention, in extension of the bearing axis. They would then be aligned with the anchor and directly join the switching movement. More advantageous, however is an arrangement in which the movable contact springs are anchored parallel to the armature, but offset from the bearing point in the carrier. Due to this offset arrangement in relation to the bearing whose center of motion deviates from its clamping, so that they perform a rubbing motion at their contact elements during switching.

Dadurch werden die Kontaktprellungen und die Ausfallraten der Kontakte verringert. Thus, the contact bounce and the failure rates of the contacts will be reduced. Conveniently, each symmetrically disposed a movable contact spring on both sides of the armature, at least.

However, it may also be aligned with each other one above the other mounted on both sides in each case two movable contact springs in the carrier. Auf diese Weise lassen sich vier oder auch mehr Umschaltkontakte konstruieren. In this way, four or construct more changeover. The carrier is advantageously T-shaped, wherein one or more contact springs are anchored in the central part of the armature and in the two side arms respectively.

The contact springs can be mounted with a straight-running fastening end in the carrier. This attachment may in a conventional manner either by insertion or by embedding, as injecting be made. In a particularly advantageous embodiment, the contact springs are formed angled, wherein they emerge with their attachment end perpendicular to the bearing axis of the carrier and are angled in such a way and bent so that their contact-making legs extend parallel to the armature. In a further advantageous embodiment it is provided that the anchored in the carrier the contact springs each have a first portion mit'einer first spring thickness and the region of their contact-making ends have, starting from its clamping a second portion with a second spring thickness, the second spring thickness by at least half is smaller than the first spring thickness.

This thin end portion is slotted expediently also to achieve a double contacting lengthwise. Der dickere erste Abschnitt der Kontaktfedern stellt andererseits die notwendige Federrate sicher.

The thicker first portion of the contact springs is on the other hand ensure the necessary spring rate. Moreover, this thicker, non-slotted area is well suited to adjust the contact springs.

This danger would be given for continuous thin contact springs. Conveniently, the first, thicker portion is at least half of the free spring length of the respective contact spring. The spring thickness in the first portion is preferably about three times as large as that of the second portion. The carrier is expediently Gert means of molded journals in recesses of the coil flange Gela '.

In another advantageous embodiment, it could also bearing cutting possess, which are mounted in respective notches of the spool flange. The carrier can be pressed by a spring in the support of the coil flange. Diese Feder kann aus ferromagnetischem oder nichtmagnetischem Metall bestehen, es kann aber auch eine Kunststoffolie als Feder verwendet werden. This spring can be made of ferromagnetic or non-magnetic metal, but it may also be a plastic film be used as a spring.

It is especially advantageous embodiment, are latched in the integrally formed on the armature bearing pins in slotted bearing bushes of the bobbin. These bushings have expediently a diameter at least equal to the diameter of the bearing pin. Dadurch ergibt sich nur eine geringe Lagerreibung; This results in only a low bearing friction; selbst ein geringes Spiel der Lagerzapfen in den Buchsen wirkt sich nur unmerklich auf die Schaltbewegungen am anderen Ankerende bzw.

The invention will be explained in more detail below using exemplary embodiments with reference to the drawing. Es zeigt It shows. Die Fig. With its free end 1b of the armature leads switching movements between two pole plates 5 and 6.

Parallel to the armature, a contact spring 7 is anchored in the support 3 also extending adjacent the coil over its entire length and with its free end between two mating contacts 8 and 9 is switchable.

By the distance a between the bearing axis on the pin 4 and the fixing point 10 of the contact spring 7 moves the contact-making end 7a of the contact spring 7 in a circle around the pivot 4, so that it is 9 each running to the counter-contacts 8, and a rubbing motion.

This contact bounce are largely suppressed. Of course, the carrier may be symmetrical to the bearing axis and each accommodating a contact spring 7 on both sides of the armature. Das in den Fig. The relay shown in FIGS. The edge joint 13 between the base body and the cap is sealed with casting resin 14, whereby also the bushings of coil terminal pins 15 are sealed.

On the base body 11 sits in a precisely fitting recess 16 Fig. Within the bobbin along the bobbin axis extends a rod-shaped armature 21, which is supported with its end 21b to the reel flange 20 and can perform with its free end 21a of shifting movements between two pole plates 22 and In order to set the width of the working air gap 24 between the two pole plates 22 and 23 are respectively provided on the coil bobbin 17 contact surfaces 25 and 26 against which the pole shoes to be pressed 22 and 23 by integrally molded at the reel flanges lugs 27 and 28th Die Polbleche 22 und 23 sind jeweils Teil der beiden Joche 29 bzw.

The pole plates 22 and 23 are each part of the two yokes 29 and 30 which extend above the coil parallel to the coil axis and to the base body. In these yokes 29 and 30 is also a flat and elongate permanent magnet 31 having two oppositely poled permanent magnetic fields 31a and 31b. The anchor 21 is fixed in a support 34 of insulating material.

For this purpose, the carrier 34 has an aperture 34a in which the anchor attached by insertion Fig. An integrally formed in the wall of the opening rib 34b compensates for the larger Schnittoleranz when armature 21 and ensures in this plane the interference fit of the anchor The support 34 has at the top and at the bottom integrally formed bearing pin 35 sitting in bearing bushes 36th Diese Lagerbuchsen 36 werden jeweils von zwei federnden Haltearmen 37 gebildet, die am Spulenflansch 20 angeformt sind.

These bearing bushes 36 are each formed by two resilient retaining arms 37, which are integrally formed on the coil flange 20th Fig. Bei der Montage des Ankers werden also die Lagerzapfen zwischen den beiden federnden Haltearmen 37 eingerastet. In order to cause as little bearing friction, the bearing bush 36 is at least as large as the diameter of the bearing pin 35 dimensioned in its diameter. The parts are thereby made so that, due to the tolerances at most a certain amount of clearance between bearing pin 35 and bearing sleeves 36 is formed.

In diesem Fall hat der Anker in der Lagerung ein kleines Spiel, was sich aber aufgrund des langen Ankers praktisch nicht auf die Schaltfunktion auswirkt. In this case, the anchor in the bearing has a little game, but virtually no effect on the switching function due to the long anchor.

The carrier 34 is T-shaped and carries in its two side legs 34c and 34d see Fig. The free end 39a of the center contact spring are thereby alternately contact one of the contact elements 40 or 41, which are provided in the usual manner with contact pieces or contact surfaces.


ISBN 13: 9783885220022

The invention relates to an electric motor, in particular gap tubular motor, with a stator core, with a stator sheet pack penetrating and inserted into a cast resin body embedded winding and with a junction box working machine connected to the electric motor. Because canned motors are a maintenance-free unit construction allow, they are used in almost all circulation pumps for heating systems used. For units with a lower output than There are a large number of mass products to look at Proposals to reduce the cost of the pumps. In this context, proposals have become known that the most expensive part of a centrifugal pump unit pull, especially on the stator of the wet rotor motor. Embedding the stator core with the ones that penetrate it Windings have the problem of the loss generated in the stator dissipate heat to the environment. Against the background shown, it is now the task of the lying invention, the construction of an electric motor Generic type to evolve so that the heat drove out of the stator being improved.



The invention relates to a thin integration circuit card with a built-in battery and esp special on a thin card with a functional part and a battery completely embedded in synthetic resin are. An IC card 1 contains a circuit board 2 , which is installed in a plastic frame 11 and fixed in position. An integrated circuit 3 serving as a functional part, a battery 4 and another part 5 are attached to the printed circuit board 2. Panels 60 made of thin sheet metal are glued to the upper and lower surfaces of the frame 11 with an adhesive not shown. In this IC card 1 , the empty spaces between the circuit board 2 to which the battery 4 and the other part 5 are attached, and the upper and lower panels 60 are formed by potting or the like.

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