SMC is urging the government to respect the public bidding process and honor the contract for the 1,megawatt MW Ilijan combined-cycle power plant. SMC said the government body is wielding its power indiscriminately to mask its own shortcomings. They cannot just dictate on what works best for them. Moreover, it should be left for the courts to decide on the case, Ang said.

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Based on the Philippines demand-supply power outlook to , the power supply from existing power plants is not enough to meet the continually increasing demand in Luzon grid at an average annual growth rate of 4 percent to 5 percent. The power firm intends to carry out the project in two phases, each is targeted for completion in 30 months. Based on the project description, the thermal power plant will be an LNG liquefied natural gas -fired facility. By visiting our site, you agree to our privacy policy regarding cookies, tracking statistics, etc.

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Top News. Based on MMDA Regulation series of , the following vehicles are automatically exempted from the number coding scheme: All Nicolas - June 5, ON the last session day of Congress before a seven-week adjournment, the debate over the second tax reform package—now called Corporate Recovery and Tax Incentives for Enterprises Act CREATE —heated up with government economic managers, economists and industrialists weighing in in favor of the measure.

Several business groups also AllHome Corp. Villar Jr. Revenues for the period rose Share prices rose for the seventh consecutive trading day on Thursday, with the main index nearing the level recorded before the lockdown was implemented in the country in mid-March. Anthony Fauci reached the finish line at a safe enough distance from others that would have made his namesake proud.

Fauci the two-year-old colt finished a distant second to a horse named Prisoner and was well ahead of third-place Indoctrinate F1 races go on, no matter what BusinessMirror - June 5, F1 wants to avoid a repeat of the season opener in Australia in March, which was canceled when the McLaren team withdrew All Column. Was the ECQ successful? BusinessMirror Editorial - June 5, When the data is reported, you have to read to the last paragraph to get the important information.

Siding with foreigners? Antonio Cecilio T. Pascual - June 5, Brothers and sisters, it is of great wonder for many of us that perceive the apparent preferential or special treatment given by our government to foreigners from China. The latest proof of this was the release of the swab test The Broader Look.

The past two decades saw her working in various hospitals both here and abroad. Her first six years were spent in the Philippines before leaving All eyes on the Kaliwa Dam project: Will its benefits outweigh the costs? Jonathan L. Mayuga - May 28, As the number of coronavirus disease Covid cases in the Philippines breached the 15,mark, with majority in the National Capital Region NCR , the importance of water, its sufficient supply, safety level and accessibility has been emphasized during the pandemic.

However, the onset of the By Cai U. Ordinario, Bernadette D. Then Covid Patient No. Ford introduces new Everest Sport variant Randy S.

Peregrino - June 5, Launched digitally via online conference, the new Everest Sport features an enhanced design and a myriad of driver-assist technologies. A bounce back peering from the horizons Al S. Mendoza - June 5, WHILE the auto industry continues to reel from the horrendous impact of the Covid pandemic, there suddenly comes a golden opportunity for a bit of a bounce back peering from the horizons.

Free vehicle interior sanitation for Toyota owners BusinessMirror - June 5, Despite the implementation of the general community measures, one of the sectors of the society that seem to be very affected is the elderly since most of them cannot still go out to work or even have a morning walk in their community. And since Currently based in Helsinki, Finland, These women have shown that not even a pandemic can stop them from staying De La Salle University opens its doors to its incoming freshmen in July for those who want to get a head start on their tertiary education.

These students can start exploring and adapting to an alternate mode of learning, the DLSU way. Students who opt out of this opportunity will start their Covid Updates. With public transport and flights restricted in the capital, the populous epicenter of the viral outbreak, the hordes of workers were effectively trapped from moving on to their provincial destinations.

Zhang was among the first to respond when the coronavirus epicenter of Wuhan needed help. Shipped out in early February, the year-old nurse worked grueling days in heavy layers of protective gear, ministering to patients who needed assistance from breathing to eating as the coronavirus raged. Amid the emotional and physical trauma, a little street dog helped her through.

Hello and welcome: Robot waiters to the rescue amid virus outbreak BusinessMirror - May 30, When Shaosong Hu saw robotic waiters serving food in China last fall, he knew exactly what he wanted for his oriental restaurant in the Dutch beachside town of Renesse.

Indonesian choreographers provide digital stage for dancers The Associated Press - May 27, Two Indonesian choreographers are helping fellow dancers who lost their jobs due to the new coronavirus outbreak in the country by setting up a YouTube channel as a platform where dancers, choreographers and dance teachers can perform, then receive donation from viewers.

Home News Economy. News Economy. Panasia proposes to build 1, MW cycle-gas plant in Ilijan, Batangas. By Lenie Lectura. January 3, Related stories.

Stella F. Arnaldo - June 3, Read more. Arcalas - June 3, THE Department of Agriculture DA on Tuesday revealed plans to maintain a price freeze on various agricultural farm products even after the country transitioned to a general community quarantine GCQ status.

In an online briefing, Agriculture Secretary William D. Dar said they will propose to The data revolution and the Philippines Henry J. Schumacher - June 2, Data has become the new life force that drives the world today. German firms are clamoring for the resumption of trade talks between the Philippines and the European Union and even dangled some first time investment here if the agreement is sealed.

In a joint survey by the German chambers here and in Singapore, it was reported AS quarantine restrictions nationwide are eased, the government has advised firms to relocate much of their products and services to digital platforms in anticipation of a rise in e-commerce transactions under the so-called new normal. Chua on Monday Medenilla - June 1, On Monday, the Department Medenilla - May 29, Recruitment and manning agencies are now compelled to shoulder the board and lodging expenses of returning overseas Filipino workers OFWs , who lost their jobs en masse amid the raging novel coronavirus disease Covid pandemic.

Just In. Obit Dr.


San Miguel subsidiary firm: Lower court should resolve Ilijan power plant case

Manila-listed First Gen Corp. LNG imports are vital for FirstGen as contracts for domestic gas supply from the Malampaya field will run out in The FSRU will supply gas to power stations in the region, ensuring stable electricity for metropolitan Manila. The imported gas will be designated for the 1,MW Ilijan combined-cycle gas power plant, operated by San Miguel, that could be expanded by up to 1, MW.


Ilijan Power Station

By , production from this field will be in full swing, bringing gas to the mainland via a subsea pipeline to supply new generating capacity totalling nearly MW. San Lorenzo, adjacent to Santa Rita, will come on-line in Ilijan, the largest of the three projects, is also due to start commercial operation in early , by which time natural gas production from Malampaya will have started. All three of the power plants are situated in Batangas, km south of the capital city of Manila.

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