Photocoupler photo-IC output. For new designs, the following product s should be used instead of this product. Inquiry Parametric search. Recommended Product 6N is shortly to be discontinued.

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Party Lines. Input Power Dissipation. High common mode transient immunity and very. Separate pins for the photodiode and out-. Access to the base terminal allows. The 6N is ideal for TTL applications since the.

The 6N is best suited for low power logic appli-. Due to the small geometries of this device, it should be. Proper grounding would prevent damage further. Dimensions in inches mm. Anode 2. Cathode 3. Maximum Ratings.

Reverse Input Voltage Emitter-Base Reverse Voltage pin Average Input Current Output Current I O pin Input Power Dissipation Output Power Dissipation Isolation Test Voltage Isolation Resistance.

Storage Temperature Operating Temperature Symbol Device. Min Typ. Units Test Conditions. Current Transfer Ratio. Logic Low. Output Voltage. Logic High. Output Current. Logic Low Supply Current.

Logic High Supply Current. Input Forward Voltage. Input Reverse Breakdown. I CCL. I CCH. Temperature Coefficient of. Forward Voltage. Input Capacitance. Input-Output Insulation. Leakage Current. Resistance Input-Output. Capacitance Input-Output. R I-O. C I-O. Symbol Device Min Typ. Propagation Delay Time. To Logic Low at Output. To Logic High at Output. Common Mode Transient Immunity at Logic. High Level Output. Low Level Ouput. Pin 7 open. Device considered a two-terminal device: pins 1, 2, 3 and 4 shorted together and pins 5, 6, 7 and 8 shorted together.

Using a resistor between pin 5 and 7 will decrease gain and delay time. Download 6N Datasheet. Separate pins for the photodiode and out- put stage enable TTL compatible saturation volt- ages with high speed operation. Access to the base terminal allows adjustment to the gain bandwidth. Caution: Due to the small geometries of this device, it should be handled with Electrostatic Discharge ESD precau- tions.


6N138 OPTOCOUPLER. Datasheet pdf. Equivalent




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