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Place and Route. Analysis to 25 MHz. FPGAs offers a variety of package, speed, and application. Devices are implemented in silicon gate,. The unique architecture offers. Device utilization is. ACT 1 devices also provide system designers with unique. Additional features include an on-chip. Available packages include plastic. DataS April A security fuse may be programmed to disable all further.

Product Family Profile. AB AB. Gate Array Equivalent Gates. PLD Equivalent Gates. TTL Equivalent Packages. Logic Modules. Flip-Flops maximum. Routing Resources. Note: See Product Plan on page for package availability. The Designer and Designer. Designer Advantage Systems, allowing logic design. The systems offer. The systems also. ACT 1 Device Structure. A partial view of an ACT 1 device Figure 1 depicts four logic. PLICE antifuses, located at intersections of the. During programming, these antifuses are.

The ACT 1 logic module is an 8-input, one-output logic circuit. The logic module can implement the four basic logic. Each function may have many versions, with. The logic module. No dedicated hardwired. DataSh Input and output levels are compatible. Outputs sink or. Download AB Datasheet. The unique architecture offers gate array flexibility, high performance, and instant turnaround through user programming.

Device utilization is typically 95 to percent of available logic modules. ACT 1 devices also provide system designers with unique on-chip diagnostic probe capabilities, allowing convenient testing and debugging. Additional features include an on-chip m clock driver with a hardwired distribution network. Available packages include plastic e and ceramic J-leaded chip carriers, ceramic and plastic quad h flatpacks, and ceramic pin grid array.

PLICE antifuses, located at intersections of the horizontal and vertical tracks, connect logic module inputs and outputs. During programming, these antifuses are addressed and programmed to make the connections required by the circuit application.

The ACT 1 Logic Module The ACT 1 logic module is an 8-input, one-output logic circuit chosen for the wide range of functions it implements and for its efficient use of interconnect routing resources Figure 2. Each function may have many versions, with m different combinations of active-low inputs.

No dedicated hardwired t4U latches or flip-flops are required in the array, since latches and flip-flops may be constructed from logic modules ee wherever needed in the application.


ACTEL A1010B FPGA 295 Cells 44 Pin PLCC Re-programmable



Datasheet Actel A1010B-PL44C


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