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These are things that you will learn while at BMT. Learning them before will help you. Some trainees have been known to "trade" their knowledge with others. You can teach them their Creed, they can teach you how to make your bed correctly. Basic Reporting Procedures At the position of attention, knock a single time on the door of the superior you are reporting to. If the door is open, knock a single time on the door frame.

At the command of "enter," march smartly to a position three paces in front of, and centered, of the superiors desk. Stand sharply at attention. If the superior is a commissioned officer, salute, and hold the salute while making the reporting statement. Hold the salute until the officer returns it. If you were ordered or requested to be there, the reporting statement should be "Sir or "Ma'am" , Sergeant Johnson reports as ordered.

Bobby pins must be as close to natural color of hair as possible. This is the primary method the Air Education and Training Command uses to document discrepancies and excellence for non-prior service recruits in both basic training and Air Force Technical Schools. Recruits in basic training and non-prior service airmen in technical schools must carry two completed copies of this form with them at all times. Then they complete the bottom of the form, documenting what they observed and returns the form to your squadron for further action disciplinary action, chewing out, pat-on-the-back, or whatever your chain of command determines is appropriate.


AETC Form 341 "Excellence/Discrepancy Report"



South Central AETC


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