Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. We are sure you will be, too. Page 6: Specifications Turn the distance scale ring until the subject image in the viewfinder comes into sharp focus.

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Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. We are sure you will be, too. Page 6: Specifications Turn the distance scale ring until the subject image in the viewfinder comes into sharp focus. Minimum focus distance: 0. Lens Mount 42mm threaded lens mount Pentax-mount Page 7 Film Advance Ratchet type rapid wind lever for film advance and shutter cocking.

Page 8: Short Operating Course Short operating course A mercury battery for the light meter is packed separately. Be sure to insert it into the battery housing when operating the camera. For battery insertion, refer to page Through the viewfinder, you will observe the movement of the meter's needle on the right side of the ground glass.

Position C is more desirable for fast focusing and shooting. With the Asahi Pentax, whether held vertically or horizontally, you see your subject image through the taking lens, enabling you to compose, focus and shoot with a minimum of time and effort. Page Film Wind And Rewind 1 The first portions of the film cannot be used for picture taking as they have already been exposed to light.

Generally, two blank exposures should be made before taking your first picture. Cock the rapid wind lever until it stops. Watch to see that the film rewind knob automatically turns counter-clockwise, indicating that the film is moving from cassette to take-up spool.

Microprism Asahi Pentax cameras have a Fresnel lens with a microprism center underneath the ground glass. As you look through the finder, you will see that the Fresnel lens Page Shutter Turn the shutter speed dial clockwise or counter-clockwise to the shutter speed desired.

Page Range Of Light Measurement Range of light measurement The exposure meter of the Spotmatic measures the brightness of the ground glass. Therefore, the meter should be turned on after you have focused your subject on the ground glass. As you will note from the table below, with an ASA film, you may use any shutter speed from 1 sec. A serious accident has been reported of a small child who has put a mercury battery into his mouth and has been hospitalized for serious gripes and stomach inflammation.

Please always keep a mercury battery from the reach of small children. The table below shows which flash contact, which shutter speed and which flash bulb may be combined for maximum lamp efficiency.

Page Self-Timer Depending on how far down you turn the self-timer cocking lever 1 , it will release the shutter in 5 - 13 seconds. When operating the self- timer, always depress the self-timer release button 2 to release the shutter. Do not depress the shutter button … it will immediately release the shutter without delayed action.

If it is switched on, the tip of the automatic diaphragm release pin of the lens will hit the pin release plate inside the camera body and may get damaged. Further, it can be used with only two other cameras: Asahi Pentax SV and S1a with an orange-colored R marking on the film rewind knob. Preferably, it should be kept in its case and, as an additional precaution, inserted into a polyethylene bag.

It is advisable to test the camera at least four weeks prior to your departure to give time for a test film to be exposed and processed. Page Interchangeable Lenses With focal length longer than 55mm, the subject image is seen through the viewfinder larger than its life size.

Regardless of the lens selected for your Asahi Pentax, there is never need for an accessory viewfinder, ordinarily required for rangefinder type cameras. Compact in size and light in weight, it enables you to view and focus at an 84 keeping the reflex mirror flipped up. A wonderful lens to create pictures with dramatic impact. Page 30 Weight 8. Equipped with fully automatic diaphragm; Well balanced, its total length is rather short so it is light in weight.

Most suitable for shooting night scenes, stage, indoors, sports and snap portraits. An excellent lens also for color photography. Gives needle-sharp resolution to every corner of the picture. Equipped diaphragm; supplied with special lenshood. Especially designed for those professionals who specialize in outdoor sports, news and nature-life photography. Equipped with manual diaphragm; supplied with special lenshood. With a zoom ratio of 2. Not only is it a high resolution lens for visible light photography, but also it gives unmatched optical performance ultraviolet photography.

BI - 3 filters built-in. It serves the purposes of the Asahi Pentax Extension Tubes 2 and 3. The Asahi Pentax Auto Bellows is a precisely designed close- up and macro equipment for professional photographers, research workers, scientists and specialists in close-up and macro works. Consists of a lens board complete with adapter rings for 46mm and 49mm lenses, and four calibrated telescoping legs.

Page 42 For added convenience in critical focusing for close-ups, copying, macro-photography, etc. This can be easily attached to the slotted frame of the viewfinder of your Asahi Pentax and enlarges your viewing image 2X. Page 43 A clip-on eyepiece for prescription lens eye-piece only. Also a convenient eye-cup for everyday photography. Page 44 Asahi Pentax camera, lenses and accessories with inside partition and strong shoulder strap and front clasp.

Light and compact, it simply attaches to your Asahi Pentax camera. The Spotmeter III utilizes an optical reflect system which gives a 21 angle of view on the ground glass screen. In the center of this viewing screen is a 1 circle which represents the angle covered by the meter's CdS sensing element.

It does not, and can not, deal fully with every possible application of the Asahi Pentax System of Photography because those applications are almost limitless. Page 50 Leica adapter, lens cap, lenses, microscope adapter, prescription eyepiece, right-angle finder, slide copier, SPOT exposure meter. Page Warranty Policy Shipping charges are to be borne by the owner.

If your Asahi Pentax was purchased outside of the country where you wish to have it serviced during the warranty period, regular handling and servicing fees may be charged by the manufacturers representatives in that country.

Page 52 All models, prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. Don't touch it with your finger unnecessarily. To prevent rapid deterioration, don't try to measure the short current or to charge the battery. Page Reproducers Comments Reproducers Comments This manual was recreated by hand-entering all text and by scanning all graphics found in the original manual.

Every attempt was made to lay out this reproduction manual as it appears in the original. Except for cases that could not be ignored, all text is exactly as it appears in the July copy of this manual including errors in spelling, grammar, etc.

It should be noted that this manual could be reliably used to operate earlier Spotmatic cameras except for some points This manual is also suitable for: Pentax spotmatic ii.

Print page 1 Print document 54 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.


The Asahi Pentax Spotmatic!

I have taken this camera everywhere and it has never let me down. Aside from being a beautiful camera that fits perfectly in the hand, its light, bouncy shutter and simple controls make it a joy to use. Eventually the improvements in design led to the K and a change in lens mounts. I mainly shoot portraits when I travel, and although a fully manual camera might seem like it would lose out to an autofocus workhorse like the Nikon F, the Spotmatic holds its own. I find that with a steady hand and lots of practice, I can get consistently sharp photos without all the bells and whistles. Taking a shot is simple. This switch also stops the lens down to the taking aperture so you can check your depth of field.


ASAHI Spotmatic II Operating Manual


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