Humanity, having faced extinction at the end of the 20th century, would not have entered the new millennium if it weren't for them. In , during their youth, they created a symbol. In , as the coming disaster slowly starts to unfold, that symbol returns. This is the story of a group of boys who try to save the world. Series ends at volume Edition of International Material - Asia on two separate occasions ,

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So I gave you the villains of the new world but what about the heroes? A word warning, the new team of heroes you will meet are to be off the norm, so expect something different than expected. With Ruby being 41 years old and Weiss, Blake, and Yang being about 43 years old, and at this point considered the greatest Huntsmanteam in history. So, for all newcomers, allow me to tale the story.

RWBY has becoem the greatest group of huntsmen in all of history, the greatest of the great, and since the defeat of Salem, these girls hve pushed themselves even further than ever, insuring that the continuous battle against the Grimm would forever go on. But Grimm are about to be the least of their concerns, as now they are about to have a new enemy who patiently waited for Salem to be no more has stepped in to fill the void of power, as they have anticipated so many centuries ago.

But to face a new foe, Team RWBY are about to test the mettle of four new heroes who have waited for this day: beings who walk in the Shadows of the ancient Legend of Four. It is time for the return of the Emperors of Remnant, with their legacy upheld by the shadows of the Emperors. They are known as The Truthful Emperors of Remnant.

Well Glitcheez, I am very glad to see you here. Well, it is actually destined that in the future, the shadows of the Ancient Legends of Four Four of the greatest emperors of the lineage of emperors of the very beginnings of Remnant many many thousands of years ago and the shadows of the Modern Legend of Four Team RWBY , will do "clash a thousand fold" and will keep clashing until a ending happens: The side of good prevails, the side of evil prevails, or perhaps a new kind of ending all together.

Either way, the outcome is totally unknown, even to the prophecy, and it is revealed that these two shadows are the ultimate kind of rivals: enemeis that will keep fighting and continue to fight endlessly. They have every cloth that Team RWy wore in all of their uniforms, though the different shoes they wore in all three of their attires are combined into one special kind of shoe that has all the elements of the shoes put together. Also, their are two sets of clothing on each character that is given a sort of length extension to be more seen on the characters.

Like for example, Discordia wears two sets of skirts and has her cloak, the original skirt worn in both the manga and the anime and the special skirt with rose emblem worn on her slayer outfit.

The rose skirt though is longer, as it goes to the knees and is worn under the original skirt. Also the cloak is much longer going pass the feet and extending slightly on the floor, but it has room on the bottom to allow Discordia to move freely as if the cloak were made of water and never trip or fall unless of course someone were to intently do something to the cloak to make Discordia fall like step on it.

In a way, it makes her look like the Spectre or some dark villian with a large cloak, and since she is called Dark Pestilence, all of her clothes are different shades of dark black, so with that big black cloak, you can tell she fits the villian role.

For Minerva, she wears a special gown that is worn under her dress and her skirt, which she wears together. In the manga chapter , you will notice Weiss wears a new kind of dress, well that said dress I extended until it became a long gown and that is what Minerva wears, along with the usual dress that Weiss wore in Volume worn over that and that being extended to the length of her knees, and lastly the skirt she wears in her Snowpea outfit worn over the bottom half of the dress.

The gown is not as long as Discordia's but it still covers the feet and does slightly pass from the feet, and it has some cuts on the two front sides of the gown which gives her two openings for both her feet so she can kick outward or knee her opponents Golden War Minerva and Dark Pestilence Discordia both have been trained to possess the ultimate form of combat training, especially in bare handed combat. While they have been trained to fight exactly like their respective counterparts, they still hate their counterparts and instead prefer to go into battle with their bare hands rather than using their weapons, but only when they decide to or not.

Venus Pale Famine has the tailcoats of her jacket the one Blake wears in her original outfit be very long down the waist and downwards close to the ankles. She also has a mini-shorts that is similar to the one Blake wears in the manga, and the that she wears over another pair of shorts that Blake wears in her original outfit, and they are extended on the leg slightly more down so that they could be seen.

Lastly, Juno Bloody Death has her pants extended slightly downward and has the hanging cape that Yang wore in her Huntress outfit to be much longer down her leg, reaching to the foreleg pass the knee.

That means new powers, new wepaons, new forms of power yet to come, new ways to fight, new ways to destroy, new ways to kill, new ways to AH I can't take it!! This world has so many powers I just want to have it all and Minerva, not my head! Golden War: Discordia, I thought I told you to not blast your mouth away whenever we enter a new world, we need to keep quiet, not burst our mouths like children.

Golden War now having her hand wrapped around Dark Pestilence's neck: Try that again and I will rip your eyes out, do you understand? Then Dark Pestilence then throws her a kick right between Minerva's private place: By the way, that's for hitting me in the head, now we're even. Now, let's get back to the task. There are rumors of a young girl who has quite a kill record, now I suggest we try to use stealth to find our little friend.

And no doubt we should be swift, its only a matter of time before that meddling machine and his little band of those hulking old fools find Golden War pinching the bridge of her nose : For the love of Discordia, I thought I told you, there is nothing wrong with your cloak, yes it is a big cloak but it was design to have a sort of thickness that can allow you to walk freely in it as if it were nothing Golden War: I so wish I could rip your heart out and tear your brain from your skull only to shove both of them so far up your Golden War: Ugh, nevermind.

Anyway, we need to find the girl, I believe this person could be of use to us, that is of course, if we provide our assistance. Dark Pestilence: C'mon Big Sister, why waste our time. I mean yeah she does sound like a cool person to meet but can't we just go to other worlds and see what new powers to find.

Blushing like a yandere Oh I can't wait to inflict them all on so much pain, and to see poor sweet little Play-Mate scream for mercy as I drive my teeth into is nice wrinkled primed meat, oh it would be so Golden War: You were just acting silly, there was no harm done, so apology accepted. You are still very cute. Dark Pestilence: Ah shucks, thanks Big Sister. We are a little too big to normal, especially since I'm 63 feet tall and you'r 65 feet tall.

Golden War: I know, and since I am leader of the month, I have already proposed the plan for this little task: flight and invisibility. With our cores returned to us, reality bends to our mere desires. Dark Pestilence: Even with our cores back, those bad men still know how to keep us like chained Grimm. I wish I can kill them all if not for this stupid thing in our souls that keeps us from disobeying.

Golden War: Patience Discordia. We'll soon rendezvous with Bloody Death and Pale Famine once we locate the one called Alyssa of this world. When we find her, we'll see if we can offer our cooperation. After all, it's not everyday that the four of us would find someone from another world that we could find some means of relating with. But remember our real purpose: Power.

The continual purpose to find whatever power that can be created of all kinds, to take that power and transcend it to levels beyond what it could ever achieve. And soon, we will have our own happy ending: the one where we live forever in a world with just us, and only us.

And before you ask, no I am NOT a hardcore Transformers fan, I like the franchise but not to the point of going after all of its merchandise.

I was just interested in the guys behind the characters and these guys seemed like te coolest ones. And besides, for four old veteran heroes, these four voice veterans really fit the roles. Oh by the way Glitcheez, I'm glad you asked about the beginning. Well, since RHOA-JVMD is exactly 32, years old, the beginning of our story starts at the beginning, 50, years ago exactly, after the beginning of the creation of humanity and when the two God Brothers left Remnant. You see, one of the questions that made me start this whole story in the first place was to know more about these God Brothers: who are they really, what are they really, where do they come from, why come to Remnant of all the infinite planets and worlds they could go to bring life.

I am not one for coincidences, there had to be something that proved something in Remnant, liek as if it were some promised land. Obviously they must be real in the world of RWBY because I doubt it is highly unlikely that Ozpin of all people would lie about something like this, especially with the stakes of Salem. I am simply thinking that there may be more to the story of Remnant than just the creation of humanity from the two god brothers all because of some simple feud.

In other words, whatever incredible secrets to the story Monty Oum may cleverly hid within the story through the great gaps of history between the creation of humanity and the story lore of RWBY at this moment, I am doing my best to fillin possible gaps. And if they are brothers, should they have a family of sorts like the pantheons of mythology?

And if that is so, then could there be actually more of these beings who simply not meddle in our affairs, like an entire civilization in some world far beyond our grasp. Well, in my possible theory, yes, maybe, perhaps. But that is not important. You see, many years later, after the relics were created and the God Brothers returned to their homeworld, only to witnessed as having defied a sacred law, to not try to attempt to play as if they were the great creators of life, they may be beings of pure power, but even they are not the one true creator, the very being beyond all to which it is the creator of life.

The brothers however, after some time, told the king of their kind why they went to Remnant: it was foretold. There was said that they once dreamed of a power that told them that they must go to a world, a world that they would be given permission to create with life of both light and darkness, and sentient beings that would walk both. It was he who told them that in the future, their will be a world that will create, and that have been given permission by the one true God, to start the way of perfection on the planet, the nature of it will be made as foretold by the creator.

The brothers, at first did not believe this foolish dream, the legendary OM had passed on milleniums ago. But, they did as they were told, and went to the planet to make it perfect, as both of them saw it in their own way. Of course, as Qrow stated in Volume 4, this little visit would eventually become a feud as both brothers fought over what they believed would be perfect younger brother wanted a dead world, elder brother wanted a planet of life Eventually they fought, and settled their differences, and they created the human race, along with many other things, including the mighty.

But little to these two powerful brothers, the creations of life, death, the creatures of life plants and animals , the creatures of Death Grimm , and the sentient beings that would walk both sides Humans, and three other sentient beings yet to come , and especially the four Relics were all foretold by the one true creator, and that OM had himself knew this would happen. In a hundred days, OM came to them in a dream, and the brothers were amazed to admit, that they were thanked for what they had done.

The brothers of course still did not believe if OM's tale, but OM then told them that "Believe in yourselves, keep moving forward, but remember, do not ever forget who you are, and what God chose you to be.

Every man has a destiny in this world, or any other, but if you move forward, then you will find it. The future is coming, God foresaw it. You both have started something beautiful, and he gave you his permission to do it. These two eternal ideals will take form amongst the four ultimate ideals of life: Choice, Creation, Knowledge, and Destruction, and casts shadows of two kinds. A shadow only goes one way only: only good or only evil.

OM then left them with a symbol, and from there, the brothers would move on to other worlds, seeking other realms to explore, little did they know that Remnant, the world they left behind, would be land of the greatest tales to come, including one of the First Empire. And with more players, means more power, and perhaps some new allies we can work with. Go, find Pale Famine and Bloody Death, they want to know more of this. Golden War hearing the howl: Things are about to be a lot more fun looks up to the sky but I can't wait for you to join the party, my little Play-Thing.

When peering in the darkness, a pair of four glowing blue eyes appear, and stare back at them. Then, more eyes light up, and more until the darkness was nothing but eyes. The Nilikhar hiss at the two, before approaching to reveal that they are dog-sized spider-like creatures. They hiss and lunge at them. The dog sized spiders lunged at the two,only to then stop instantly, they had their teeth lunged into the giant women's unsuspecting flesh, but something was wrong, they weren't dying, why weren't they dying!

Dark Pestilence and Golden War then look at the spiders, only to then do something impossible, they smiled, and for the first time in what seemed like forever, the Nilikhar feel something they never felt before: Fear. Instinctively, the spiders leapt back, gathering together in an attack formation, while the two giantesses smile down at the poor spiders.

The leader of the pack looks at the two, only to then feel something dig into his brain, then a voice.


Awesome fan art

Ashland, Inc. Look up blood brother or blood brothers in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Carnage features a cast of fictional characters created by Shirow Miwa. The terminal is made up of two sea-island berths that can load vessels of up to.. To get Nora to help quickly and get away from WaspRen carried Nora, found a place to hide, and barely managed to remove all the poison, but Nora was still severely weakened and immobile. The oil is then pumped to the Hound Point terminal where it is loaded onto tankers. This group also functioned during his exile and World War II as a secret opposition group.


New Heroes. New Time. New story of Remnant






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