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Print Search. Read times. Im planning on buying a soldering station, and to a lesser degree, a hot air rework station currently i have one or two wall plug irons. I was looking around and found the ATTEN AT, and it seems fairly decent for an entry level soldering iron and hot air rework station. I live in new zealand, and I have found that a website called focalbga. I don't think there would be a large risk of this being any worse than the average quality of this specific product, due to it being very close to the retail price others are offering it at.

I have a very limited budget, being at high-school, so i would really like to get the cheapest that i can get without getting something that performs poorly. Basically, is this worth getting, or will i regret it, i am planing on buying a tip to go with it as well. The usual advice is to buy one of each hot air gun and soldering station , that way you can use one to fix the other if it breaks.

GeoffS Supporter Posts: Country:. I recently bought a Yihua D 2 in 1 and I'm quite happy with it. It arrived with spare heater cartridges for the soldering iron and the heat gun. When I opened it up to replace the European power cord, it seemed to be quite well made. Delivery was about 4 days and from the US, not China. Quote from: GeoffS on July 13, , pm.

I have a station that looks similar, and it isn't great, but it works. Not sure how accurate the reported soldering iron temperature is, as I accidentally left it switched on one night, and when I came back to it, the LED display still read , but the tip was stone cold.

A heat gun feature caught me when I first tried to use it. I set the temperature but the fan didn't turn on or start to heat - until I picked the gun up. Once off the bracket, the fan starts and it heats up, fairly quickly. Perhaps the soldering iron does something similar although there's no way to set a delay to do so.

TheGeologist Contributor Posts: 13 Country:. Hello all, In the last few months - via a rather twisted route - I've had my interest in electronics rekindled and as chance would have it bought a Sumsour The whole thing is very light weight, from the unit itself to both the iron and hot air gun. The iron is very fine, the tip tiny, and the element connects poorly with the tip.

Iron heats quickly but I'm yet to use it beyond a couple of tests on wire and an old PCB. Cut-out feature works well providing you orient the gun vertically.

Hot air gun is more quiet that I was expecting and I've tested it removing some larger through hole resistors from a PCB. Really only wanted this for heatshrink, so no harm done if it is a bit on the tentative side.

Rear plate is rather flimsy and bends when inserting and removing the power cord - will be set up permanently so this shouldn't be a problem. Plugs on the front panel and leads are piss-weak. If the thing lasts I'll probably replace them. Has calibration trimmers for both the heat gun and iron, visible through small holes in the front panel. Inside it is remarkably clean and the components all look reasonable even if it appears it was put together in a right hurry.

Earth wire is attached by screw to the transformer and chaise, soldered to the power socket. No visible poor joints, corrosion or damaged components; some joints look a little light on on the solder front. Listed as being compatible with Hakko M-T series tips - will need to upgrade! As I get more bits and pieces turn up and can start on a few little projects I'll provide more detail on performance.

Given versions of this unit are all over eBay and other online stores, I figure this info might be useful to others, and if anyone has any questions please do ask. Quote from: TheGeologist on November 29, , am. I'd forget my Head if it wasn't screwed on! Except for the overall flimsy quality, this was a main reason I sold again my Youyue D hot air station; you could easily call that a death trap with the V on that mic socket - that's simply not acceptable.

Remove this socket plug completely heatshrink joins. Problems is the insulation on the pins backshell or plug cannot withstand VAC and will leak to the case shell or other pins and eventually arc over, the case can now become live. I cannot undestimate the danger with this arrangement.

The hot air gun passes power from a triac VAC Which is just not on. Sorry to bearer of bad news to you Brendan. Thanks for the heads up guys. The device works on the various output voltages from the transformer which are conveniently printed on the top of it see attached photo. So while the socket is bodge I don't think it's likely to do me in. Still very glad of the warning! There was an error while thanking. SMF 2. EEVblog on Youtube.


SMD Rework Station ATTEN AT8586

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ATTEN AT8586 Economic 2 in 1 Rework Station



Atten AT8586 Double Channel Soldering & Hot Air Rework System Station


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