Hence, many overseas workers try to do anything just to come home and spend their Christmas here in the country. But in this coming season, the environment looks very different. While the media are doing their countdown to the coming Christmas, joy and excitement seem lacking among people. There is a clear difference between previous holiday and the coming one. As the climate gradually turning cold, the society itself is turning gloomy. Poverty affects Christmas, but this is only for people who think this season is all about money.

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Then CPP spokesman Ka Roger Rosal was also one of the rebel personalities who has allowed him to do live radio interviews when he was still a broadcast journalist. Stephen Paduano who used to identify himself by the nom de guerre Carapali Luwalhati.

The writer, driven by a Quixotic sense, was drawn to the RAs and extensively covered them. By the late 90s, he stopped becoming a journalist and became a full-time activist for the Bagong Alyansang Makabayan or New Patriotic Alliance, an aboveground umbrella organization of activist groups consistently linked since the 70s to the underground CPP-NPA.

His article today is based on his personal observations during a series of coverages deep in rebel territory and as a fulltime activist and his interviews with underground personalities, most of them using nom de guerres.

I leaned into him and whispered into his ear: Nong, ano himuon ta Brother, what should we do? I asked. This cadre was the lone member of the regional party committee who decided to go with the RAs during the split. We spoke over several nights in one of my coverages of the armed movement in a CPP base in the Negros hinterlands. The first is the Party member. This type is the most common one. They attend meetings, do the tasks assigned to them and live their lives like normal people.

The second is the cadre. They are the nucleus around whom the Party thrives. They are usually secretaries of Party collectives, branches or sections. They are well-read and highly indoctrinated, most in the 90s during the so-called Second Great Rectification Movement have finished the Batayang Kurso ng Partido basic Party course , some have advanced to the intermediate course. The next are the leaders. Those who become regional secretaries or spokespersons or deputies of national commissions.

We were walking for almost eight hours already. Over palay fields, sugarcane patches, coconut groves, and mostly, mostly cogon fields. Manong the senior journalist , climbed it first then heaved his backpack on the flat top of the rock.

With a curse. Friday, June 5, Western Visayas Film Grants: Putting local artists on the map. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. City to give P6M to Taal victims January 21, March 14, Load more. February 12, How to wear surgical mask: Blue or white side out? January 31, April 15, December 20, Combustion and Suffocation: Death causing factors during fire November 27,


Batayang kurso ng partido.



29 enlightened NPA supporters surrender to the military and police in Mindoro



CONTEXT: “Irrelevant,” “enduring,” “faltering:” The Communist Party past 50




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