Terrors of the Mists introduces a new faction to this game of brutal fantastical combat duels, with five Undead units taking up arms against the living. Diabolical Necromancers command legions of Bone Horrors and Reanimates, while charging Barghests and a horrifying Banshee terrorize your foes. This Army Pack contains everything necessary to deploy an army of Undead, including graveyard terrain tiles, new scenario cards, and a complete lore deck full of horrifying tactical surprises. With the units of Terrors of the Mists, you can muster the two armies suggested by the included army cards, or devise armies specifically suited to the battle at hand.

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Prepare for fantasy battles beyond your wildest imagination with the onslaught of BattleLore Second Edition. You must strategically command your troops and use the power of lore to tip your battles in your favor. In every game, you will create new maps and scenarios, before mustering a new army for each game, so you can tailor your army to suit your favored play style. Command armies of fearsome warriors and deadly creatures, and lead them against the enemy in this intense game of warfare and military strategy.

By seizing victory points from objectives on the battlefield and by eliminating enemy units, a skilled commander can raise his banners as the victor over the borderlands of Terrinoth! BattleLore Second Edition comes with a game board, ninety-two detailed figures, forty-three map overlay pieces, more than one-hundred fifty cards, rules, four custom dice, and everything else you need to win the borderlands of Terrinoth!

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Battlelore 2nd Edition (EN)

Stehen dann alle, zum Einsatz kommenden, Einheiten fest, stellt jeder Spieler verdeckt seine Armee auf dem Spielplan auf. Der Clue dabei ist, dass das Aufstellen mittels der Aufstellungskarten funktioniert. Beide Spieler legen dann gleichzeitig ihre Aufstellungskarten inklusive der Attrappen verdeckt auf die Spielplanfelder. Erst wenn beide Spieler ihre gesamte Armee aufgestellt haben, werden die Karten durch Einheiten ersetzt. Jeder Zug besteht aus 2 Phasen, der Hauptphase und der Auffrischungsphase.


Battlelore 2nd Edition - Terrors of the Mists - Army Pack (EN)


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