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Handa and Bhonda are two young boys — the former thin and mischievous and trying to get his plump friend Bhonda in trouble, and always failing. When he turned 92 in , Debnath stopped work on Handa Bhonda , not making much of the fact that he probably holds the world record for creating the longest-running comic strip as a solo writer-artist. But these continued to be produced by other artists after their original creators stopped work.

Is this record, however, recognised by any authoritative organisation? So he never went out of his way to seek recognition which came to him too late in life.

Handa Bhonda aside, Debnath created a bunch of other comic book strips that were serially published for over four to five decades. His superhuman strength often helps those in need but also creates comical situations like the one time he goes to a bank to withdraw cash, but when he blows over his signature on the cheque to dry the ink, all the notes in the bank fly out. Debnath, who started off as a calligrapher in the s, moved to illustrating books before entering the world of comics in the s.

Aesthetically, his best work includes his sharp illustrations for Bengali genre fiction along with comics in the detective, adventure and horror genres, some of which he also wrote. Finding such fine and detailed drawings at a young age made me a fan for life. Making his debut in with the story Sorporajer Dwipe In the Island of the Snake King , Koushik Roy was introduced as a secret agent working for the Indian intelligence service.

He is also adept at martial arts. He also made funny alliterative names a trademark in his comics, which influenced later-day writers. Cover of a Handa Bhonda comic book. Courtesy Deb Sahitya Kutir. Courtesy Santanu Ghosh. Cover of a Batul the Great comic book. Panels from a Nonte Fonte comic strip. Courtesy Patra Bharati. Panels from a Danpite Khadu aar tar Chemical Dadu comic strip.

Courtesy Laalmati. Panel from a Bahadur Beral comic strip. Book covers by Narayan Debnath. Book cover by Narayan Debnath. Illustations by Narayan Debnath. Panel from Indrajit Ray o Black Diamond.


Meet Narayan Debnath, the grandfather of Bengali comics for six decades

It was inspired by the famous comics character Desperate Dan drawn by Dudley D. It first appeared and still appears in a children's magazine called Shuktara and is widely read, not only by children but by adults as well. It has since appeared in comic book format and as an animation series. Narayan Debnath's first comic book characters in color were for the comic strip and book Batul The Great. By Debnath's admission, he thought up the idea of the superhero while returning from College Street , Calcutta. He has remarked that the character of Batul was influenced by his friend Manohar Aich , the famous Bengali bodybuilder.


Batul the Great



Bantul The great: Bantul The great bengali comic


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