The first month of the year is approaching, and it's not what most people understand. A friend on social media asked me what my favorite translation is. You can "Look Inside" these at my Author's Page. Still, Mt. Also, it did not use the Name, but substituted it due to tradition.

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The font is Tahoma size 9. Also available in Deluxe Leather Like Edition. It uses plain English for describing the original ideas; instead of firmament, or expanse, it uses the word space. The true, original Name of Creator is used throughout, written in the original ancient Hebrew characters, yet leaving the rest of the text in English words.

Uniformity of vocalization for the Hebrew letters in the names of many characters in the text is maintained; all Hebrew names are transliterated using English letters to sound them accurately, as closely as possible.

The order of the 66 books is another feature, enabling the reader to flow from one book into the other; 2 Kronicles ends, and goes right into the book of Daniel, taking the reader from where the last book left off. There is a glossary for those who want to study certain words they encounter, and most books have the meaning of the book beside their title, providing the reader with more insight into the person that recorded it. The names are restored to be pronounced more correctly.

From Genesis Bereshith to Revelation, any reader will be fascinated with the truthful, clean message in this publication. In fact, "Besorah" is the Hebrew word that means message or report, that became the Old English term, Gospel, from the Greek euangelion. The Hebrew roots have been severed for most of the last 2 millennia, and this publication is an effort to restore them so the Truth comes through once again, and the famine of the Words of Yahuah ends, and His Word can go forth once again into the world.

This book will challenge the experienced student of Scripture, and pour clean Living Water into the fresh minds of new seekers. You will read the Word of Yahuah in clear English, based on what the words simply mean. Just imagine reading about Creation, and seeing that Yahuah created the sun, moon, and stars in the "space" He created, rather than the "firmament" or "expanse"? There will be no one steering you away from obedience to Torah in footnotes, turning the message into "wormwood".

Imagine that instead of reading the words "Judah" or even "Yehudah", you plainly read "Yahudah" as it really says, with "Yah" in the expression without the Masoretic vowel deceptions? Sophist trickery, casuistry , and equivocation are all cut-away from this version by contemporary Natsarim, the correct term used for the original followers of Yahusha that are re-appearing on Earth just before His return. There is so much more that could be said about how Different this version is.

It is written with the next generation of readers in mind at all times, and its purity and truthfulness will cause goose bumps to rise on every person who reads a page of it. If you have questions about who Lew White is, you can check out this page: Lew White.

Printable version. Add to cart. Notify me when this item is back in stock. Ask a question about this product. Fossilized Customs 12th Edition. Name Training Card. Reapers Printed Book. Catalog pdf. Torah Bookmark Version 2. Natsarim Search Team Fabric Badge. Mystery of Iniquity Free Download.

Average customer rating :. Add your own review. Jim and Abi Heard. Disadvantages: It's not done yet! Hats off to you Lew for your invested time. Keep up the good work. Was the above review useful to you? Cart is empty. Besorah of Yahusha Natsarim Version. Thanks Lew. Sign in Register. Advanced search. This site requires JavaScript to function properly. Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. Add a personal message.

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Besorah Of Yahusha Natsarim Version (BYNV)

Hwhy is a refuge for the crushed one and A refuge in times of distress. Day 1. Great News! He hopes that you will consider Him above all. Bold, Daring, Prominent And Pronounced! You are our rock, Our stronghold and our deliverer. We take refuge in You.



The need for a perfected English translation of the inspired texts of the. This publication is the backbone that promotes the Name of Yahuah and His Torah to. This is the primary book to equip the saints for their work here in the endtime. Owner of the vineyard will send many more workers into His harvest, to teach all. Your denomination will not matter when you pass into eternity, so it has no bearing. Our goal and the goal of all Scripture, is love. We teach the 10 Commandments.

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