Cuisinart BW Food Processor. Good condition for a used item, nicely cared for. Seems used very little. This replaces an original first generation Cuisinart whose damaged lexan bowl is no longer available.

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Quick Links. Table of Contents. Chapters Table Of Contents 9 Recipes Cuisinart premier series 7-cup food processor dlcn instruction and recipe booklet 48 pages. Cuisinart food processor dlc-5 series instruction and recipe booklet 28 pages. Pick up work bowl, with handle facing you, and place it on base with handle at about 7 o'clock. Page 3 Put cover on work bowl, with feed Place metal blade over shall, The pusher assembly slides over matching outline O on top of tube at about 7 o'clock. It has a large hub to shape of shaft.

Lower blade pusher and a small pusher. Move control To remove cover, hold pusher toward you. Slide pusher over feed switch up to ON position to start assembly with thumb away from tube on cover and push locking tab motor. Page 6: Important Safeguards Never push food down by hand when slicing or shredding.

The use of attachments not Always use pusher. Page 8: The Parts We specifically caution 3. Avoid contact with moving Cuisinart. Never push food down by cal shock, personal injury or Cover with other brand machines. A zucchini or potalo is a good choice Fifslcul it into 1 -inch pieces. Insert Ihe metal blade and pul trie pieces in the work bowl. Pul on Ihe cover and Ihe pusher assembly; When it does, remove the cover lirst.

You can remove the cover and pusher assembly in one operalion. Hold Ihe pusher assembly wilh your ihumb away Irom the descending labs and lurn it clockwise. You get a more even chop when all pieces are about the same size. Put no more Irian 2 cups oltood into the work bowl. Add leaves to bowl so that the Cuisinart logo written and process until they are on the cover is face up and read chopped as fine as you want.

Page To Chop Meat. Page To Chop Nuts To make peanut bulter and To make flavored butters, To chop nuls other nut butlers spreads and dips Chop no more thai 2 cups al one Process up lo 2 cups of nuts.

Let Cul room-temperature butter into time. Press Ihe lever down to Ihe machine tun conlinuously. It is good for mat can he done almost entirely must tie clean aid dry. Use a standard, gradu The Pro Classic1" Food Processor ated dry measure, not a cup lor can mix and knead dough in a liquid ingredients. Page Adding Liquids vegetable oil. Roll the dough Processing dry Ingredients imize the possibility of overheat around to coat its entire surface.

Put the flour in the work bowl ing the dough. You must never Cover it with a damp towel or a with all the other dry ingredients. Push down temperature for kneaded dough is Motor slows down. Place the food in the fend tube, flat side dawn. Page Ifthefooddoesntfit bottom piece and cut il and Ihe lop piece into wedges lo til the leed tube.

The optional 2mm or 1mm Slicing Discs are excellent for slicing cabbage for coleslaw If Ihe fruit or vegetable doesn'l til Try inserting il from Ihe bottom of [he teed lube. Insert a slicing of shredding disc, pil the cover on the work bowl and inserl Ihe prepared tood in the feed lube.

Prepare the pusher assembly Lock the small pusher in place and unlock the slide lock on back ol the sleeve, so the pusher can move up and down freely. When it does, remove the cover lirsl. Hold Ihe pusher assembly with your thumb away From Ihe locking labs and lurn it clockwise.

Lift, and Ihe pusher assembly and cover will come oil together Remove Ihe slicing or shredding disc betore removing Ihe work You can fill Ihe lube! Page French-Cut Green Beans tew vegetables that are wide al one end and narrow at the other — carrots, celery or scallions — cul them in hall aid pack in pairs, one wide end up, one narrow end up French-cut green beans Trim fresh green beans lo feed-tube widths.

If possible, use a chunk ol food jusl large enough to fit Ihe feed lube. To make julienne skips of ham, bologna or luncheon meat, slack slices ol them. Pulitinthelreezeruntil il is semi-frozen — hard lo the louch bul easily pierced with the tip of a sharp kiile. Sland the pieces in Ihe feed lube and apply light pressure to the pusher. Here Cut food into enough short pieces reach of children.

Page For Your Safety Follow these guidelines to protect sleeve becomes detached from to prepare your own spice blends, you and your family from misuse pusher. Call Cuisinart Owner you may want to keep a second Service immediately. Our toll-free lhat could cause injury. For a less You can substitute collage cheese for all or parl ol the pungent, taste, use flat-leal parsley instead of cilaniro cream cheese and you can subslituie walnuls for pecans. Page Chicken Liver Pate Cheese Coins Chicken Liver Pate These tender and flavorful appetizers are easy to make, An extraordinarily good party dish that is easy to make convenient to serve, and they can be refrigerated or and keeps well.

Serve it on toasted French bread or frozen. Yoj may serve it al once, but il improves wilh transformed the everyday Leek ancf Polato Soup into a chilling cold soup suitable tor parties. This hearty winter soup is a meal on its own, accompanied by crusty bread and a salad. Page Chili Chili Kids love chili and it's a versatile dish.

Serve it on hoi Slir in the beans and cook until healed Ihrough. Taste dogs, fill lacos wild il or eal it plain. This one freezes and addsalt.

Page Sausage Sausage Farmhouse Hash When you make your own sausage, you're in control of II you don't have a kitchen scale, measure in cups — Ihe ingredients.

Sherry, soy sauce. Chicken and Vegetable Stir-Fry sesame oil. Remove metal blade. If Broccoli is high in fiber, high in potassium and low in you're feeling festive, substitute cooked lobster meat calories. This recipe uses the stems, which are often for half of the crabmeat. Hut Vou can jse baking or boiling potatoes for this The shredding disc processes cooked potatoes to substantial yet elegant dish. Be careful not to over proecess when yon mix them with the other ingredients. If work bowl.

Page Creamy Cole Slaw Shredded Carrot Salad Creamy Cole Slaw Cole slaw only lakes minules to prepare when you The brilliant color ol carrots and peas make Ihis fresh and simple salad a welcome addition to a party buffet don't have lo slice Ihe cabbage by hand. One cup is enough for Serve this sauce as a topping for tacos, or with grilled 1 pound of pasta. It's also good on boiled potatoes or fish or chicken. It is best when fresh; it may become in sojps. Page Mayonnaise No-Cook Cranberry-Orange Relish Basic Mayonnaise For a classical mayonnaise, as thick as butter, Because this is an uncooked relish, it requires only 1 substitute 2 egg yolks for each whole egg.

No more worries about melting chocolate on top of the stove. Page White Bread Wtiile Bread melted Duller Wilii remaining butler, brush inside ol It's besl to make this bread with bread flour, or 9x;nchpan. To make filling, use metal blade lo process sugar, dales or raisins, pecans, and cinnamon until coarsely chopped, about 45 seconds.

Page Pizza Dough Pizza In a Hurry Basic Pizza Dough It takes no longer to make this pizza than lo wait for Wilh this dough, you can make large pizza crusts lo serve several, or small ones lo serve a few. Sprinkle lunch boxes or for after-school snacks. Return pizza to oven and bake for 18 minutes, or until rim of crust is golden and bottom is deep brown.

Page Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies Carrot Cake Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies Toasted nuts and oatmeal make these cookies good for To make this delicious, moist cake look really professional, put a marzipan carrot in the center.

You you as well as delicious. Page Cream Cheese Frosting Sherbel and Frozen Yogurl: tor 2 lo 3 mmuies and lurn out onto wire racks to cool At leasl 5 hours before serving, prepare completely. Remove paper fruit by cutting it into 1-inch pieces. For frozen yogurts. Ireeze all of Iruit in single layer on baking Spread frosting between layers and on top and sides ol sheel.

Page Apple Pie Apple Pie Use the basic pastry recipe and about 2 pounds of apples, peeled and cored. This manual is also suitable for: Pro classic dlcs.

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