Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Additional tools may be required for installation of the various types of actuators and accessories.

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Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Additional tools may be required for installation of the various types of actuators and accessories. Long No. Page 4: Functional Detail In the closing cycle a maximum of 15 lbf. If an obstacle is encountered, the offers the same sweep, latch, backcheck, adjustable spring unit will balance the door. This is a standard field selectable option which when using an electric strike, magentic lock or latch retraction.

NOTES: 5. Align the slots in the mounting plate with the screws. Slide the mounting plate over the screw and hold the unit in place until the balance of the screws are installed. Tighten all screws securely. SLOT "A" NOTES: 1. Page 9 Remove two 2 cover screws and cover. Disconnect cover ground wire at base plate. Loosen, but do not remove end cap screws and slide end caps off.

Note: Re-install end caps, cover ground wire and cover after installation is complete. Push-in emblems or logo decals can be applied to hide cover screws if needed. Page 10 If required, attach arm shoe drop plate to top rail with three screws provided.

Attach arm shoe to door or arm shoe drop plate. Place wrench on top pinion shaft and rotate pinion slightly toward latch edge of door. Connect the ground wire to the green ground screw on the mounting plate. Observe all local electrical codes when performing connections. The incoming wire size is to be 14 AWG. The maximum power consumption of the ED is 2 amps. Replace only with an identical fuse. Push is required for all top jamb applications.

Adjust the "Door Width" potentiometer to match the approximate door width. Doors must be between 36 and 48 inches wide for optimum operation. Back side of end cap must be supported to prevent damage to the end cap.

Feed accessory wires through bushing in end cap. Typical Wall Switch or Frame switch wiring diagram. A code must be selected to insure the receiver is only activated by the intended transmitter s.

Under normal conditions, it will provide reliable activation of the ED within a distance of 50 feet. Select the code for the transmitters. The code must be identical to the code for the receiver which is intended to be signaled.

When activated, the safety circuit prevents the door from receiving an "open trigger" signal. Additionally, when the door is in the open position, the safety circuit will now act as an "open trigger" This manual is also suitable for: Ed t. Print page 1 Print document 29 pages.

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Dorma ED800 J Installation Instructions Manual

Users of the Service Manual should also be familiar with the Installation Instruction. In addition, the status light can indicate problems with the installation or adjustment of the ED , or problems with the actual unit by a series of red flashes. If the status light indicates a problem by a series of red flashes, the ED will not accept an open trigger and will not operate under power until the problem is corrected, and the unit is turned off and then turned on. However, the ED will always operate as a manual door closer. Caution: Motor may be hot!


DORMA ED 800 SERIES Service Manual

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