The Age of Mortals begins with the fallout from the Chaos War and the theft of the world by Takhisis , and continues to the present. This history runs ca. The Dragon Overlords appear on Krynn. Dalamar the Dark secretly moves the Tower of Palanthas to Nightlund before Khellendros , the blue overlord, can attack it. Malystryx , the red overlord, kills thousands of kender at Kendermore before Riverwind distracts her; many of those kender near the destruction become afflicted kender.

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In the wake of a devastating Chaos War, the people of Krynn discover a world seperated from the gods who have created and protected their world. The magical orders of the old are rendered powerless. In this time of vulnerability, dragons of immense size and power appear and conquer vast territories.

The Age of Mortals is a time of discovery. Secrets both ancient and new wait for the next generation of heroes who will fight for the lands of Ansalon and its people. Spell-wielders trained by the Academy of Sorcery, clandestine operatives of the Legion of Steel, mystics seeking enlightenment in the Citadel of Light, all work against the dragon overlords and other forces of evil that threaten to overshadow the land.

Age of Mortals contains specific information to play at any point during the Fifth Age of Krynn, including the exciting new era after the War of Souls.

It was published in August Age of Mortals seems like a big deal, because it was the first Dragonlance book produced entirely by Margaret Weis' company, Sovereign Press. And, there is some truth to that. Its predecessor, the Dragonlance Campaign Setting , was designed by Sovereign, but then handed in to Wizards of the Coast, where it was further developed by Richard Baker and James Wyatt; Age of Mortals was instead Sovereign's from design to production.

However, there is also considerable continuity between the two books. They were both supported by a large team of Dragonlance experts. After offering small contributions to the Dragonlance Campaign Setting , freelancers and volunteers now got to offer considerable content to Age of Mortals.

And finally, they were both released at Gen Con Indy Sovereign's shipment get held up at the Port of Chicago, so on the day of Margaret Weis' annual Dragonlance panel, Jame Chambers had to drive from Indianopolis to Chicago and rescue part of the shipment!

He made it back to Gen Con in the middle of Weis' talk and entered the room with a carton of books to the cheering of the crowd! Age of Mortals was an exciting new beginning for what would be one of Dragonlance's most productive and consistent periods of design, but also a continuation of what had begun with the Campaign Setting.

Origins II : A Subsetting. Age of Mortals labels itself a "Campaign Setting Companion"; it's literally meant to be a companion to the Dragonlance Campaign Setting , providing information on playing in a specific era. However, Age of Mortals is able to offer much more detailed information on the land and its people, while Dragonlance Campaign Setting had to provide a big picture of the world of Krynn and Dragonlance play.

It was further supported by a second series of books, the "Age of Mortals" double-trilogy To a certain extent, the Age of Mortals was still in a somewhat undetermined state when Age of Mortals was published, because Margaret Weis was just starting work on the Dark Disciple trilogy that followed the War of Souls. Nonetheless, the completed trilogy gave plenty to build on and the Age of Mortals sourcebook marked the first opportunity for the gaming material to not just catch up with these novels, but to depict the entire span of time, from the Dragons of Summer Flame that had gotten this new Age started, through Jean Rabe's books, to the recent trilogies connected to the War of Souls.

For Age of Mortals that meant new feats, new spells, and a dozen more prestige classes, including support for the Legion of Steel and Citadel Mystics, two notable elements of the Age of Mortals. There's also a new base class, the mariner. Because of Sovereign's "Officially Licensed Wizards Product" agreement, they were able to produce all of this under the 3.

Of course, Sovereign was just learning the 3. Age of Mortals also contains two new races: the half-kender ; and the tarmak brute — the latter a new peoples who debuted in City of the Lost , the first of the Linsha Trilogy , and one of the first notable expansions past the War of Souls. Age of Mortals supports this timespan with a big timeline that reveals the dating of the entire Age for the first time ever. Exploring Krynn: Ansalon. Age of Mortal provides extensive details on Ansalon, its cities, its strongholds including the Academy of Sorcery and the Citadel of Light , and its ruins.

NPCs of Note. About the Creators. Like so many of the Sovereign Press publications, this one was the work of diverse hands. Reynolds, and Trampas Whiteman. Please feel free to mail corrections, comments, and additions to shannon. These PDF files are digitally watermarked to signify that you are the owner.

A small message is added to the bottom of each page of the PDF containing your name and the order number of your purchase. Warning : If any files bearing your information are found being distributed illegally, then your account will be suspended and legal action may be taken against you.

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Click here. Advanced Search. Age of Mortals 3. Selected Option:. Watermarked PDF. Softcover, Standard Color Book. Hardcover, Standard Color Book. Average Rating 1 rating. A New Age For New Heroes In the wake of a devastating Chaos War, the people of Krynn discover a world seperated from the gods who have created and protected their world.

A new age of Krynn has begun Dalamar the Dark dates back to Dragonlance Legends but was also a major character in the War of Souls Chieftain Donnag , an ogre titan, was first mentioned in Dragonlance: Fifth Age , and would return for the Ogre Titans trilogy Notably missing are Beryllinthranox, who appeared in the Dragonlance Campaign Setting , and Gellidus, who would have to await Price of Courage These Overlords had originally made their presence felt in The Dawning of a New Age as part of the fast-forward following the Summer of Chaos.

Goldmoon and Laurana were Heroes of the Lance in the original Dragonlance Chronicles , but their story continued through the War of Souls Mina also first appeared in Citadel of Light She was then the major force in the War of Souls , and her story continued in the Dark Disciple trilogy Palin Majere is another character with a long history, originating in the short stories "The Legacy" and "Wanna Bet?

Silvanoshei was another major character in the War of Souls The blind silver dragon and guardian of the Citadel then appeared in the War of Souls , particularly Dragons of a Vanished Moon Customers Who Bought this Title also Purchased. Reviews 0. Please log in to add or reply to comments.

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Dragonlance: The Age of Mortals Series

Krynn is the third planet in the Krynnspace solar system. The gods of Krynnspace main focus is on this planet. It is the main chessboard of their games. The world of Krynn was forged by Reorx , when he struck his hammer to the Anvil of Time , forcing Chaos to slow his cycle of destruction, during the Age of Starbirth.


Age of Mortals


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