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ProSoundWeb Community. Please login or register. The rest of the PA will be mine, but there's no place to put my subs conventional 2x Looking at EAW info, and that this install has the subs spaced out, I dont see how I'm going to get actual deep bottom end out of this setup. Has anyone ever used these dance club boxes as live band subs? It doesn't sound like it matters what we think, you are stuck with what you have to work with.

What you have to do is to try and make the most out of the particular setup and how it integrates with the rest of your system. Wth subs spread out, it is not so much the particular subs, but the physical locations that are going to drive what happens sub wise in the room.

Now the particular subs and how they are powered will determine how loud it will get and how low. Without knowing exactly what they have equipment wise and the size of the room and what your needs are, it is very hard to guess whether or not they will do the job for you. Danley Sound Labs.

Their less-than-complete specs tend to make me believe they are all boom and no thud; they are a 2x12" bent horn whose dsp settings include a 5 dB boost at 55Hz, whose size seems too small for horn loading down low. And yes, I'm stuck with it.

But there is no way to hear them until two hours before doors, and I am trying to figure out how much it will suck. There is a club here in Scottsdale that has four of them in a cluster.

The rig is not setup for use with live bands and there is no way to get a spectacular mix in the room. It has four LAs hung above a dance floor. They do Anyways, I have mixes a couple times on it and there were no negative aspects to the boxes themselves. They easily go to 40ish hz.

They hit very hard and seem to react faster than your typical 2X18" sub. They have their drivers blow out a couple times a year and I rent my 2X18" subs to them while their boxes are down. I don't think you will have any issues unless they are deployed really wierd. Ryan Jenkins "Two days until the end of when I don't know what to think.

Three days until I start the cycle all over again! The gig will probably turn out better if you go into it with a positive "can do" attitude, rather than a "this is gonna suck" attitude. If it is going to be that bad, then just don't do the gig. After all, you will be blamed for the possibly bad sound. Luckily i went into this having full access to all DSP processing, so i could see what was going on behind the scenes. When i fired up the rig, the first time i noticed was there was way too much low end for a live show with full band, i believe there was a db boost in the 80hz range, and 6db boost at hz.

I decided not to touch any of the processing for the house rig, and got it sounding pretty good with the band graphic on the 5d. During soundcheck i was able to get a really tight punchy kick drum that is usually not a problem with most 2x18 boxes. I was also really pleased with the sound of the toms through the rig. I used a mic and a DI on the bass and was very happy with that too.

I ended up making it work, but I was at the end of the rig, which i don't like but the installer insured me that i could do no harm to the rig, and i could watch the limiters throughout the show. But all in all it was a successful gig, the client was happy, the crowd was happy, and all was good.

Ed, the subs are probably the only thing in the Avalon line that would be suitable for live music. They have a decent amount of punch and don't seem to get mushy if you lean on them.

If they are loud enough for the room with a DJ, they'll probably do fine for you, not perfect but certainly usable. Karl Maciag Jr. Member Offline Posts: It won't be as bad as you're thinking it will be. Expect to do some EQ tweaking, but by no means dread what you're walking into. Matthew Knischewsky Sr. I've been forced to mix on these subs too, they are very workable. They go loud, and low. Not what we're normally used to, but they will do just fine with enough power.

I was under the impression that the DC subs were essentially two LAs in one box. The LA is a pretty well-regarded live music sub. I too would be more worried about the tops. Can you say 'no midrange'? Logged Ryan Jenkins "Two days until the end of when I don't know what to think. Logged Matthew Knischewsky Sr.


EAW Avalon DC2 pair

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