Forgot your password? Or sign in with one of these services. I'm playing this game right now, so far it's pretty good. I wanted to ask about recommended route order. I found the walkthrough originally included in the fan patch which suggests playing through the routes in the following order:.

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Forgot your password? Or sign in with one of these services. I'm playing this game right now, so far it's pretty good. I wanted to ask about recommended route order. I found the walkthrough originally included in the fan patch which suggests playing through the routes in the following order:.

I started going through it blind. I'm still at the first chapter so it's probably not too late, but it seems that so far my choices were favoring Esperia. I wonder, does it really matter what route I start with?

I know that in some VNs the route order is really important for the flow, even if they aren't locked, and in some it mostly doesn't matter, so, which one is this? It matters in the sense that Aselia is main heroine material and it's very unlikely someone has the will to play through the game multiple times. I certainly couldn't, even cheating through the gameplay. Is it really that bad? I don't know, the game seems rather slow-paced, but it's still fun so far, and the battle system appears to be pretty interesting though, considering that I died, like, three or four times in the tutorial battle, it definitely seems to be more on the difficult side.

I hope I feel the same way after I finish the next Is there that much new material on the subsequent playthroughs other than gameplay? From what I've seen in the walkthrough, the game appears to be somewhat linear before the split between the routes. I don't know, I still haven't decided.

I guess, I'll try going through the game blind while trying to aim for Aselia and keep track of the walkthrough to see in which direction I'm going, and if I still fail to get into her route, I'll just watch some let's play on Youtube or something.

I believe the problem was that the battle sections took a lot of minutes to get through. It essentially felt as if the game had no skip button and you had to manually click through each line.

It does have a skip button, but because you need to get through the many long battle sections, again, and again, it takes as much time as if there weren't one. If you managed to play all the sections and enjoy them, then you might manage it though 7 times is obviously a bit much. As for me, I was full of playing the game legitimately half way through. If you do manage to find a way to experience the other routes without sacrificing so much time, which I feel would be awesome because I really like all the characters, do tell.

EDIT: I know you can make saves at certain points where you have flags set such that you can jump into most routes and skip some gameplay, but you'll miss choices and character moments near the beginning that way, if I recall correctly, and I couldn't pass up any moment with dear Esperia. I played through all the paths, though that was a long time ago Loved the game, played every route. My recommendation is to play the game with whatever heroine you want I did Lesteena for instance first and foremost.

Most of the game is pretty linear with maybe 2ish hours worth of content related to heroines in specific, otherwise many share similar "routes" and only minor changes come from choosing them. Aselia is the main heroine and relates to Esperia, Orpha, Uruka, the later three slightly diverge and maybe Orpha only having a bit more additional content related to her specific plot.

Lesteena is pretty separate from the above 4 so there isn't really a lose in playing hers and after playing all the routes I personally still enjoyed hers the most but that's personal opinion. Then there is of course the failed-to-get-heroines route and the bad route Don't care what anyone says Eien no Aselia is one of my favs.

Either I'm completely misunderstanding something, or some very important information about this game on its VNDB page is incorrect. According to the original OP , the scenario for this game was written by Takase Naofumi , the same guy who wrote Seinarukana, but he isn't mentioned at all on the game's vndb page. Apparently, Zashiki Neko , who is marked as the only author there, was only an assistant writer. I don't know why he isn't listed on VNDB; he should be.

I can find nothing that gives credit to Zashiki Neko as a writer for the original Eien no Aselia. Then when those were folded into the main game along with the console content, he is listed as the scenario writer for the new material in the Special Edition. As for Aselia here, I would say that it's good so you should try it.

Some updates: I reached the first ending of the game, and yeah, for some reason the ending credits only credit Takase Naofumi for "Game Design". According to them, the scenario was written by Zashiki Neko. I checked the Japanese version of the credits on Youtube specifically choosing the ending to the Aselia's route , and it's the same there. At the same time, both the official site and all game OPs give the role of the main scenario writer to Takase Naofumi.

I feel Xuse don't know themselves who writes scenario for their games. It's not included in the English version, and I know it supposed to be terrible or something, but I'm still curious.

On a different note, two months later, and I'm almost done. Only have Tokimi's route left at this point. Note that I don't know if it's really like that or not, but more or less the story was going like that from the spoilers that I gathered. Yeah, I realized this much myself though thanks for answering anyway. I was mostly wondering whether he'd. I'd expect Yuuto to take Shun's place in this route. As soon as Tokimi shows up, the game ends with Yuuto and imouto being sent back to Earth without memories.

It's basically a Bad End. Seems like what I remember. Could someone who speaks Niponese please explain what this tweet is about? I understand that he's mentioning the sequel here, but I can't really get anything else using Google Translate.

However, there are other tweets saying that all three projects are proceeding in parallel, so That is 'Mugen no Nanato to Yakusoku no Kishidan'. I'm not sure if it's going to hold up, but that's currently what they're using. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account? Sign in here. Existing user? Or sign in with one of these services Sign in with Facebook. Recommended Posts. Report post. Posted December 2, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

Posted December 2, edited. Posted December 3, The recommended route is mainly just due to related plots diverging from the main heroine. Posted December 19, Could somebody confirm or deny it?

Posted December 20, Posted December 27, edited. Edited December 27, by Dreamysyu. Posted January 28, Posted January 30, As for the evil route. Posted February 6, Posted December 11, Posted January 3 edited. Posted January 3. Posted January 4. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

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Still play this game? Walkthrough here.

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