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MAX II devices. The chapters contain feature definitions of the internal Chapter 1. Introduction Chapter 2. December , v1. Updated Figure June , v1. Table is new. Changes Made Altera Corporation EPM to 8, Vertical migration means that you can migrate to devices whose dedicated pins and JTAG pins are the same and power pins are subsets or supersets for a given package across device densities Contact Altera for availability on these devices.

MAX II devices operate internally at 1. Core Version a. The global clock lines can also be used for control signals such as clear, preset, or output enable. On the EPM device, this block is located on the left side of the device. The majority of this flash memory storage is partitioned as the dedicated configuration flash memory CFM block Figure 2—2: 1 The device shown is an EPM device. The DirectLink connection feature minimizes the use of row and column interconnects, providing higher performance and flexibility.

Row Interconnect LE LE also supports dynamic single bit addition or subtraction mode selectable by an LAB-wide control signal. LE, the LAB carry-in from the previous carry-chain LAB, and the register chain connection are directed to different destinations to implement the desired logic function. The final carry-out signal is routed to an LE, where it is fed to local, row, or column interconnects.

The DirectLink interconnect allows an LAB to drive into the local interconnect of its left and right neighbors. LE in the LAB for fast shift registers. The Quartus II Compiler automatically takes advantage of these resources to improve utilization and performance. MAX II device's routing scheme. Altera Corporation December Other control signal types route from the global clock network into the LAB local interconnect.

Each device stores up to 8, bits of data in the UFM block. Table 2—3. Figure 2— An internal linear voltage regulator provides the necessary 1. The voltage regulator supports Table 2—4 Table 2—4. Refer to the pin list and the Quartus II software for exact pin locations. For example, when V Table 2—4 on page 2—32 setting for Bank 1. These pins Altera Corporation December The output enable signal can originate from the GCLK[ The MultiTrack interconnect routes output enable signals and allows for a unique output enable for each output or bidirectional pin.

For 2. OUT Core Version a. The bus-hold output will drive no higher than V overdriving signals. If the bus-hold feature is enabled, the device cannot use the programmable pull-up option.

Altera Corporation December Core Version a. MAX II device can drive a device with 5. In the CCIO case of 5. Table 3—2. JTAG chain. Erase and programming times are less than three seconds for EPM and less than four seconds for the EPM devices. BP Microsystems, System General, and other programming hardware manufacturers provide programming support for Altera devices MAX II devices are immune to latch-up when hot socketing.

SRAM logic. The 3. Table 5—3 specifications. Table 5—3. CCIO 1. V Low-level output OL voltage Table 5—7. V CCIO —0. Preliminary status means the timing model is subject to change.

Initially, timing numbers are created using simulation results, process data, and other known parameters. These tests are used to make the preliminary numbers as close to the actual timing parameters as possible. Altera Corporation December t R Final timing numbers are based on actual device operation and testing. These numbers reflect the actual performance of the device under worst- case voltage and junction temperature conditions.

Table 5— All performance values were obtained with the Quartus II software compilation of megafunctions Erase Busy Figure 5—3. The bit counter critical delay performs faster than this global clock input pin maximum frequency.

Trigger With Schmitt Trigger 1. This specification is shown for 3. For 1. Solaris, Linux Red Hat v8. About Contact Requests Pricing Request parts. My request: 0 parts. Bonase Electronics HK Co. Part Number:. Altera Corporation. This section provides designers with the data sheet specifications for. Chapter 3. Chapter 4. Chapter 5. Chapter 6. II devices. The chapters contain feature definitions of the internal. Request R. High-performance, low-power erasable programmable logic devices with 8 macrocells, 10ns.

High-performance, low-power erasable programmable logic devices with 8 macrocells, 7ns. Page


EPM570 Datasheet PDF

This section provides designers with the data sheet specifications for. Dqtasheet are two important functions: Requiring 2 programmers is a pain. Now some more checks before send the files to the PCB service I usually run 5 Volt tollerant chips ate 3. You should Sign Up. This is a ready to use example of a custom controller for a 4 digits 7-segments BCD led display.


EPM570 Altera, EPM570 Datasheet


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