He is the 3rd and current president of the World Uyghur Congress , in office since 12 November He previously served as General Secretary and Chairman of the Executive Committee of the congress separately, and has spoken on behalf of the rights of the largely Islamic minority Uyghurs which makes up the majority population in that region and presenting Uyghur human rights issues to the UN Human Rights Council, European Parliament, European governments and international human rights organizations. In April , he also played an important role in the establishment of the World Uyghur Congress. The government of China has claimed that Isa's activities amount to terrorism but Isa vetoed all terrorist claims. Dolkun Isa was born 2 September in Aksu and raised by his grandparents in Kalpin County in Aksu Prefecture until 9 years old, later he moved back to Aksu City and completed his Middle school and High school there, in he was admitted by Faculty of Physics of Xinjiang University and studied there until his dismissal in early when it was just half year before his graduation time due to his human rights activities for minorities, after that he went back to Aksu and worked for education.

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The Uyghur language has come under increased pressure from Chinese government policies. In this context, the remembrance and recognition of Uyghur language and culture is even more important. Language binds together a community and is a crucial part of any culture and encapsulates the history and experience of a people. Uyghur Language Day presents the opportunity for the more than 10 million speakers of the Uyghur language to take pride in their language and culture and stands as a rallying point to resist Chinese assimilation efforts.

Chinese authorities targeted Uyghur religious practice during the holy month of Ramadan as has been done since at least On top of restrictions on fasting for Uyghur students, teachers, government employees and party members, a number of other county-specific policies were adopted with the clear aim of preventing regular religious practice at home and the mosque. The arrangement also involved the officials inspecting households after sunset each day. According to RFA, Chinese officials even sent people to take Uyghur Muslims to lunch and brought food and drink to the fields to convince farmers to break their fast.

Her family had kept quiet for fear of reprisals, but decided to break their silence and appeal to the international community for information after receiving no word about her health or location in 3 years.

Sadly, this is just one of many cases of Uyghur refugees who were forcibly returned to China against their wishes. Many of them face imprisonment, torture and even execution on their return and their families are often given no information about their whereabouts or well-being. It is important to remember the hundreds of Uyghur refugees who have disappeared, are imprisoned or have been executed merely for fleeing repression and seeking a better life.

Erkin Ekrem, which led to an internal conflict within the WUC and also to discuss the proposal to hold an extraordinary General Assembly meeting and early elections. World Uyghur Congress. Uyghurs Punished for Observing Ramadan in China. Erkin Ekrem, from their positions for attending an independently organized Uyghur meeting in Cyprus and Berlin. Isa gave a general overview of the situation in East Turkestan as well as the impact that past economic programs have had on Uyghurs and other minority peoples elsewhere.

Representatives of unrepresented groups from all over the world had the opportunity to discuss the common struggles they face and how to collectively advocate for self-determination and respect for human rights. The press release focused on recent restrictions on the Uyghur population in East Turkestan and implored the German government to engage in meaningful dialogue with their Chinese counterparts.


Dolkun Isa




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