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I' m using FortiOS 3. Any tunnels I have set up without NAT work fine. It seems that the Fortigate doesn' t know how to send the traffic back to the vendor. When the remote end initaites a ping, the tunnel comes up. Any suggestions would be appreciated. The tunnel is up, and I am receiving traffic, I' m just unable to send anything down the pipe.

It actually routes down the default path to the Internet before it dies. TIA Bob. Why would you want to nat on an encrypt rule? This is only ever used when both ends of the VPN tunnel has overlapping address ranges. Sounds more like you have the encrypt rule too low down in the policies. Make sure all encrypt policies are at the TOP of the rulebase.

We here are using non-compliant non RFC addresses. The vendor needs to see our traffic originating from a single address This is a condition of our vendor, not us. No matter what our server address is, it can only be sent back through the tunnel on that one address. That' s their requirement, we' re trying to live with it.

By the way, I placed that policy at the top! So are you trying to access their lan? Especially keepalives for both phase 1 and 2 if used. Hang on a second, just realised, that isnt your external ip address, so hows that going to work? I presume that ip you gave is one of your internal ones? This is getting confusing. Our server IP address is xxx. They need to see Our peer IP address is Their internal IP scheme is This whole setup worked between their Cisco and our prior Symantec Gateway Security v3.

They can bring up the tunnel by just sending a ping request over the VPN. We cannot do squat! Currently the tunnel is up, but not by my doing. Even more confused now where does the come from? That is the IP address the vendor requires. As far as I know, they winged it to make my life more difficult. After I dropped the tunnel, again I was unable to bring it back up, but the pings stopped. Hopefully this will complete the circuit, and let him get his traffic back.

If the server doesn' t need to ' phone home' , this is a done deal! You shouldnt have that, take it out, this would cause this issue. They should be allowing your external IP, not this address.

You might be able to use the address, but would need to set it in the CLI. You are correct. But, when I set this static policy route up and accepted it, the continuous ping responded for about 10 pings then went silent again. This must have been when I went and tested last time. As you stated, that didn' t work. When I changed this range to one that was not defined on the Fortigate, the policies stopped working.

Would this be true for this ipsec tunnel as well? And if so, where would I define this network so as not to interfere with anything else? Thanks for all you given so far. You asked for it: config vpn ipsec phase1 edit " Tunnel. Them" set dstaddr " Remote. Them" set action ipsec set schedule " always" set service " ANY" set natip Quick follow up. I had ' Enable replay detection' enabled, but the Cisco doesn' t allow that.

I am now able to get the tunnel up from my end, but no data yet has passed their way from mine. OK the final skinny. Seems between v2. Well it seems that there may be a gasp bug in the code! The tech I spoke with said he heard of one other client that had a similar issue trying to connect with a Cisco 3xxx device. So for now, my client is back on the Symantec box until something can be figured out. The end for now! Latest Posts.

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Fortinet FortiGate FortiGate-1000A Administration Manual

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Fortinet FortiGate 1000A - security appliance Series Specs

Free shipping. These products come used so may show slight signs of wear through normal use light scratches or scuffs. Please verify product for compatibility before purchasing. Any configuration to make product work is customers' responsibility. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions via e-mail or phone call. Skip to main content.


FortiGate-1000A-3000 Datasheet.pdf - mywebtek

FortiGateA Datasheet. FortiGate enterprise security solutions deliver next-generation firewall technology and multi-threat protection integrated into cost-effective security. Point-product security solutions do not provide protection against a new breed of blended threats. Furthermore, assembling an array of point products is costly and requires significant expertise to engineer, maintain. FortiGate solutions cost-effectively deliver complete multi-threat protection against: unauthorized access, intrusion attempts, viruses,.

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