By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. I am working on an Android project. I want to make an Android app and load to an Android tablet. My goal is control the peripheral device over the Android app installed Android device. I have an FTBL.

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Greetings, I am new to this forum. Installed the drivers in both XP and Vista. Anyone can help me! If you are trying to program a Picaxe in Pbasic then use the Programming Editor. Last edited: Sep 3, You can also use FTDI's MProg application if you need to chance the inversion settings although make sure you save a backup of the original configuration so you can change back easily! Further: MProg 3. Either way you shouldn't be needing to re-configure a standard USB to serial cable, especially one purchased from Rev-Ed.

OK lets slow down a little. OK let me go slow also. I am running both Windows XP and Vista and have gotten the same check cable and power I will post the screen shots for the properties window from the device manager tomorrow as I don't have a 5v DC power supply at the moment.

OK now we are getting somewhere. For power I would suggest using 3xAA batteries. Your description of how you are making a serial connection is incomplete. WOW, I have never seen such an active and fast responsive forum. OK let me show what exactly I am doing. I am connecting all of this on a breadboard. See the attached picture for better understanding of how I did this. Both are getting the 5V DC voltage from a power supply that can go up to 4A so current limitation should not be a problem.

Two points: 1. Please ensure that the download circuit looks like Manual 1, page 22 1. Downloads: Scroll up this page. Last edited: Jul 27, The screen shot of the error I am getting is attached.

Also the screen shots from the Device Manager are also attached. I ran the MProg program also and have also attached the screen shot from it. Cannot read anything from it either. Any help will be appreciated.

Remaining screen shots for the previous post. Did you try the loop back test? As per the other on going post that is having some difficulty connecting to a Picaxe. Now going back to my original post. Last edited: Jul 28, I think I have found the problem.

I followed the testing of the COM port and got a weird result. Therefore, I need to invert my signal. I have ran the MProg tool several times but the program option is turned grey. This is good news your drivers are working. If it needs inverting you could use a single gate from a 74HC04 chip.

Op amps can be used but they are not the best as many of them do not have outputs that go from V. Eg the or will only go up to 3. But does it need inverting? Can I just ask - with no program being downloaded, what is the output? Hey, look at what turned up when I did a search on this forum.

Here are some excerpts from the manuals. It performs asynchronous 7 or 8 bit parallel to serial and serial to parallel conversion of the data on the RS or RS or RS interface.

Handshaking is handled in hardware to ensure fast response times. Additionally, the UART signals can each be individually inverted and have a configurable high drive strength capability. Handshaking, where required, is handled in hardware to ensure fast response times. FTR Block Diagram. From the list of possibility of errors, I am suspecting it is 3 or 5 See the attached picture.

I am not sure what Error 5 is saying. I am suspecting that this might be a blank chip since I bought it from some third party website.

I think they send me the wrong order. Last edited: Aug 3, I checked the number listed 12F on the chip I have read this thread and it shows that it is correct Please explain how you got an inverter out of logic AND gate?

Oops, sorry I wrote the message in a hurry. Well no luck yet. I have been very patient and should have never bought this stupid chipset FTBL. I have 5V source and the 10K and 22K resistors. Is that sufficient? I am going to order the USB cable today, my last straw. Last edited: Aug 9, Ok let us go over this. You have a working FTBM with drivers installed. You ordered some more 08M Picaxes from Sparkfun? You have breadboard download circuit.

What is your 5volt power source? Please post a wiring diagram that shows how you believe this should be connected. I would like to see your own work on this. I still believe that this can work if done correctly. I sent you an E-mail please let me know if you received it. Last edited: Aug 11, Hatman23 New Member. State port Low Z. Last edited: Sep 25, And people say life's much easier with USB I'm truly impressed by tarzan's stamina here. Using FTDI chips should not be hard; install the drivers, connect the hardware, run MPROG to configure the chip, and add inverters if the chip doesn't have the right output polarity and cannot be software configured.

It really does seem that trying to 'do it on the cheap' isn't necessarily cost effective in terms of time and effort. Connect the first inverter to the input of the second. Get that working so what goes out comes back using Terminal. If it cannot, something was over-looked in the earlier steps.

Go back, repeat. Last edited: Sep 26, Rev-Ed were kind enough to provide a circuit diagram on the last page.

MCP41010 PDF

FT232BL Datasheet PDF

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FT232BL - USB to Serial Issue

Document No. Clearance No. Future Technology. Devices International Ltd. Data Transfer. Transmit Buffer for high data throughput.

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