Most Muslims consider [ citation needed ] him to be a Mujaddid , a renewer of the faith who, according to the prophetic hadith , appears once every century to restore the faith of the ummah "the Islamic Community". Al-Ghazali believed that the Islamic spiritual tradition had become moribund and that the spiritual sciences taught by the first generation of Muslims had been forgotten. A posthumous tradition, the authenticity of which has been questioned in recent scholarship, is that his father, a man "of Persian descent," [31] died in poverty and left the young al-Ghazali and his brother Ahmad to the care of a Sufi. Al-Ghazali's contemporary and first biographer, 'Abd al-Ghafir al-Farisi, records merely that al-Ghazali began to receive instruction in fiqh Islamic jurisprudence from Ahmad al-Radhakani, a local teacher. After al-Juwayni's death in , al-Ghazali departed from Nishapur and joined the court of Nizam al-Mulk , the powerful vizier of the Seljuq sultans, which was likely centered in Isfahan. After bestowing upon him the titles of "Brilliance of the Religion" and "Eminence among the Religious Leaders," Nizam al-Mulk advanced al-Ghazali in July to the "most prestigious and most challenging" professorial at the time: in the Nizamiyya madrasa in Baghdad.

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Below we list the contents of the book, English translations, and links to printed editions in the original Arabic. A growing number of Arabic manuscripts are now available online. English translation by N. Faris PDF. McCall Turkish Translation PDF 8. Aresmouk and M A. English translation by E. English translation by I. Thank you both, you guys are great. English translation by K. Nakamura ITS description. English translation by D.

Das Buch der Ehe. Kitab adabi n-nikah. Das Partial translation by M. Book On the Etiquette of Seclusion. Translated by D. ISBN: These have been restored in the Fons Vitae edition. Book On Disciplining the Soul. English translation by T. Winter ITS description.

Book On Breaking the Two Desires. ITS description English translation by C. Book Condemnation of Status and Ostentation. Book Condemnation of Pride and Conceit. English translation by M. English Translation by M.

Book On Patience and Thankfulness. English translation by H. ITS description. English translation by W. English translation by A.

Hans Wehr. Halle: Niemeyer, English Translation, E. For German see above Book On Intention, Sincerity, and Truth. Shaker ITS description. Book On the Remembrance of Death and the Afterlife.

E-text Sample of the book. All later publishers would follow suit with few modern exceptions. It has been recreated here with the pagination in red on the pdf files. Thanks is due to Prof. Frank Griffel for this information, his help in recreating this edition and providing the scans of the missing pages. Do note that this is a very readable and an accurate edition that is used for scholarly work. Salman and A. Darwish edition: PDF , S. This is an admirable attempt that closely follows the structure of the original book.

Note that the link provided is for the complete edition. Note the pun in the title, which is, of course, intentional. Ormsby Princeton: Princeton University Press, Alger for referring to this book in his monograph on Ghazali. King Saud University manuscript collection. Illuminated manuscript. Manuscripts from Turkey.



The Revival of the Religious Sciences is divided into four parts, each containing ten chapters. Below are details of the contents of the books, translations mainly into English and a link to the original Arabic here for the first time on the internet. A growing number of Arabic manuscripts are now available online. Faris PDF. A new English translation is forthcoming. McCall


Iḥyāʾ ʿulūm al-dīn


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