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I tried pairing my Interphone F5s headset to the Sena 20s headset of my friend. We used the Universal intercom feature of the 20s, but no success. Both units enter the searching mode successfully and appear to have 'found' each othe. But then the process stops and no connection is made. Is this a known problem? Is there a solution. Any tips to get a successful pairing of these two devices?

You have to use the universal intercom pairing using the 20s and the phone pairing using the interphone to get them to pair. You lose the phone connection for the interphone unless it has a second phone pairing feature. On the Interphone there is only one way to pair with other Bluetooth devices. I used this to connect to the Sena Universal Intercom mode , but no connection is made.

Ken, thanks for your explanation! Do you happen to know the phone pairing procedure for the Interphone F5? I checked the manual thorougly, but I can find only one pairing procedure. Apparently the Interphone detects what kind of device is connecting: phone, GPS is recognised as a phone or intercom.

Looking at the online pdf manual for the F5mc there are two pairing methods for the unit. It is on page 16 chapter 5 of the manual. Why each manufacturer of intercoms has their own intercom to intercom protocol is beyond me. You would think they would be all universal.

My guess it has something to do with marketing and sales of their product. At least sena has made an attempt to bridge that. I've paired my 20s to a U-clear as well as my in-car bluetooth handsfree unit without problem, but like I said before, the pairing is done through the other devices phone setup, not intercom setup. Good luck. If you still have problems, call the Sena helpdesk and I'm sure they can walk you through it if necessary. Pairing Sena 20s to Interphone F5s. Frank Vork May 22, We followed the pairing instructions on both headsets as indicated in the manuals.

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn. Date Votes. Frank - you have to use phone pairing procedure on the inter phone, NOT the intercom pairing procedure. Use the Universal intercom procedure for the 20s. When it's connected, you use the inter phone like you are making a phone call except now it will connect to the 20s instead of a phone.

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Cellular Line interphone F5 Instruction Manual

It has an uncanny ability to filter out background noise while sending clear voice signals to the pillion or other riders. The intercom module is water resistant to IP67 and it is manufactured in an ISO certified facility. There — you pretty much have a review of the new Interphone F5 intercom in a nutshell, just by reading the Summary! The F5 beats it in several key ways, but I have to say, even after using the F5 for a couple of months, the F4 is still a valid solution. But, time marches on, and the F5 does things that no one even knew existed back when the F4 was released. Like Bluetooth 3.


Interphone F5MC User Manual

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Interphone F5 Review

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Pairing Sena 20s to Interphone F5s

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