In the Mists paints a mesmerizingly foggy atmosphere that, upon closer look, is hiding all kinds of imagery and imagination. He wrote some of his melancholy and frustration into this piano cycle, and each of the four pieces in the work portrays a sense of mystery and introspection. An ever-fluid accompaniment supports the rise and fall of the melody, adding a sense of ambiguity and impatience. The harmonies subtly shift in and out of tonality, creating a sense of restless peace. The B section overlays a gorgeous folk-like chorale theme with waves of agitated scales.

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In the mists, No. 1

Its sound world is that of the fiddles and cimbalom hammered dulcimer of Moravian folk music. Equally folk-like is its use of small melodic fragments, repeated and transformed in various ways. The Andante sets the tone of introspection with its dreamlike repetitions of a tonally ambivalent 5-note melody, set against non-committal harmonies in the left-hand ostinato. A contrasting middle section brings in a less troubled chorale melody that alternates with, and then struggles against, a cascade of cimbalom -like runs, before the nostalgic return of its melancholy opening theme. The varied repetition of a four-note motive dominates the many contrasting sections of the Adagio , as a noble but halting melody engages in conversation with rhythmically and melodically transformed versions of itself. The Andantino is similarly fixated on a single idea, presenting the gracious opening phrase in a number of different keys until it is interrupted by an impetuous development of its accompaniment figure, and then ends exactly as it begins. The fourth movement, Presto, with its many changes of meter, is reminiscent of the rhapsodic improvisational style of the gypsy violin.


Janácek: On an Overgrown Path, in the Mists, Sonata 1.X1905

In the Mists was composed during this period of great difficulty and despair in a house in the garden of the Brno Organ School, hidden from the eyes of the world, with a broken self confidence and a mind in a state of melancholy. All categories. My account. Sign In. Adding product Sheet Music.

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