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The speakers and forum panelists are experts in their industry, being featured on local television, radio stations, parenting events and forums, talking about issues related to their industry.

Rozieta Shaary : Keynote Speaker 1. Rozieta Shaary or internationally known as Dr. Rose GS is a Human Capital Development Specialist, Relationship Coach and a Love Advocator who has worked with learners of all ages, from pre-school to college students, as well as adult in corporate training.

Her devotion and interest in the field of child psychology and development has led her to do extensive research in this field and eventually steered her toward her present calling — a master instructor in transformational as well as personal and organisational empowerment. Her skills as a trainer, utilising the proven Accelerated Learning technique, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Subliminal Dynamics has led her to achieve phenomenal results in her learners.

Her expertise in Neuro and Behavioural Sciences makes her presentation and delivery engaging, impact full and effective. With her experience in psychology, she inspires meaningful and permanent transformation in her learners. Her in-depth knowledge of learning to learn skills empowers participants to become better and more effective individuals. She is the author of the following books: 1. Pebbles In The Pond A compilation of chapters written by 46 authors around the world 2.

Aku Layak Berjaya! Zaszima is a lawyer, a full-time mom, an aspiring unschooler and child advocate, who adhere to the ideals of life-long independent learning. The main objective of MHsN is to provide peer support and networking platform for homeschoolers and for those who are pro-homeschooling. It is also a network where members share resources, make new friends as well as learn from each other. As at 8 June , MHsN has about members and growing each day are on waiting list.

Ustaz Hj. Mohammad Asraff Bin Ayob Al-Hafiz adalah penasihat ilmu berkaitan Al-Quran terutamanya dalam bidang hafazan, tajwid dan tafsir Al-Quran yang membantu masyarakat mendampingi Al-Quran lebih rapat dengan memperkenalkan teknik-teknik dan kaedah yang lebih mudah dan berkesan. Beliau mempunyai latar-belakang kuat dari segi pendidikan dalam bidang ini iaitu : berkelulusan B. Ketika menuntut di Mesir, beliau berkesempatan mendalami bidang pembacaan Al-Quran dari 3 Syeikh yang pakar dalam bidang tersebut serta bebarapa guru lain dalam bidang Qiraat.

Pengalaman luas 20 tahun dalam dunia hafazan dan ilmu Al-Quran sejak berumur 13 tahun. Beliau juga berkongsi dengan masyarakat pengetahuan Al-Quran melalui beberapa buku iaitu :. Bhd 2. Jamilah Samian : Speaker. Jamilah is part of the team of parenting experts at ParenThots The Star. Jamilah believes in the amazing human capacity to change for the better. She specializes in and is keen on helping others, especially educators, parents and women, to explore and discover their inherent abilities for effective personal change specifically in building self-confidence and self-motivation.

Nadira Mohd Yusoff : Panelist. Zaliza Alias : Panelist. Rozieta Shaary : Keynote Speaker 1 Dr. Dari sudut pengalaman dalam bidang ini, beliau memiliki : Pengalaman luas 20 tahun dalam dunia hafazan dan ilmu Al-Quran sejak berumur 13 tahun.

Beliau juga berkongsi dengan masyarakat pengetahuan Al-Quran melalui beberapa buku iaitu : 1.


Books by Mohammad Asraff Ayob Al-Hafiz

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Badan Agama & Pelajaran Radin Mas (BAPA)

View our past Newsletters. Login to Infaq. Forgot your Username? BAPA is a non-profit social organisation formed in and was registered as a society on the 6th of Aug Its objective was to uplift the education and economic status of the residence of Radin Mas district by providing access to affordable education, both religious and academic.


Mudahnya Hafal Quran

Seminar Quran Di Hatiku : Part 2. A two day seminar packed with info, tips and guidance from an outstanding speaker and motivator - Ustz Asraff Ayob Al Hafiz, from Malaysia. This seminar focused on several methods on how to gain Divine Love. All these tips from this Surah are very useful to help us communicate with the Divine through His favored ways, to organize our lives accordingly to His will and to have good perception of Him - Most Gracious and Full of Love.

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