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The most captivating heart stopping series ive read, its a must read for everyone. No podemos hacer esto. Apaga las antorchas. Las llamas se encendieron y estallaron y chisporrotearon en protesta, pero finalmente se apagaron. Lleva a Richard de vuelta al dormitorio donde estaba. Tengan la ciudadela vigilada hasta que pueda volver. Tengo que ir a buscar a Red, la mujer bruja, Kahlan se lo dijo otra vez.

Las mujeres brujas pueden ver cosas en el flujo del tiempo. Pueden ver los eventos. Las mujeres brujas no piden ni plata ni oro. Eso no significa que las cosas que ven realmente resulten ser verdad.

Ese es el punto. Por eso tengo que ir a verla. De la misma manera que las ondas de las gotas de lluvia perturban el reflejo. Significa que puede haber una manera de devolverle el alma a Richards a su cuerpo en este mundo. Kahlan le dio. Library Search. Log in. Terry Goodkind. Add to shelf. Read in private. Already read. Report an error in the book.

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Sign in or Register. Like Comment Share. Report this. Quotes All. They live because they exist in yours as well. It is your love for this world that has helped breathe life into these characters. Because of your passion, Richard and K. We cant do this. Extinguish the torches. She looked around at the others, her voice rising.

All of you! Put them out! Everyone looked confused, but the dozen men with the torches looked more relieved than anything. They carried the hissing, crackling torches, flames flapping, back away from the pyre lest they accidentally ignite it, then doused them in buckets of water.

The flames fizzed and popped and sputtered in protest, but finally went out. Only then did Kahlan sigh with relief. Nicci put a hand on Kahlans shoulder, turning her back. What desperate act are you talking about? Kahlan ignored the sorceress and pointed in command up at the citadel for all the soldiers watching her to see.

Carry Richard back up to the bedroom where he was. Place him back on the bed. Be careful with him. Without questioning the strange request, the big men of the First File all clapped fists to hearts. Kahlan turned her attention to Commander Fister when he rushed up in front of his men. Mother Confessor, what Have the room guarded.

No one but the First File goes in, not even staff. Have the citadel guarded until I can get back. He gave her a nod. It will be done, Mother Confessor.

Kahlan, whats going on? Nicci asked under her breath. Kahlan glanced off at Hunter, sitting at the edge of the dark wood. She looked off above the trees to the distant mountains that looked like gray phantoms floating in the hazy light. Somewhere back there in those mountains was a pass where the witch woman lived. I have to go find Red, the witch woman, Kahlan told her again.

Nicci glanced toward the mountains. Why would you want to find a witch woman? Why now, of all times? Kahlans gaze met Niccis blue eyes. Witch women can see things in the flow of time. They can see events. They can certainly make it seem that way at times, Nicci agreed, but so can a fortune-teller. They will tell you most anything you want to hear for a silver coin. Exactly what you want to hear and make it sound convincing if the coin is gold.

Witch women dont ask for silver or gold. Nicci looked sympathetic. That doesnt mean the things they see really turn out to be true. Red told me that I would be murdered. Nicci paused momentarily at such news. And did she tell you that Richard would give his life to go to the underworld to come after you? Thats the point. Thats why I have to go see her. What do you mean, thats the point?

She told me that Richard is the pebble in the pond, and because he acts of free will, the ripples of those things he does touch everything, so it disrupts what she can see. Kahlan gestured toward the puddles. The same way ripples from the raindrops disturb the reflection. Cassia asked, her wet, red leather creaking.

Kahlan looked to the hope in the eyes of the three Mord-Sith. Meaning, there may be a way for us to bring Richards soul back to his body in this world. Bring him back to life? Vale asked in a tone of astonished hope. Kahlan gave her. One fee.


La espada de la verdad



La confesora






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