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FhaplT h q h Ilrbrr,.. Scientific laboratory procedures are f raw material analysis to control of forging techniques, every step in he production oF Ladish fittings ir originally deterrnined and censtantly reviewed. M a n y series of chemical and physical tests, various of which are illustrated on following pages, are the foundation on which these men exercise metallurgical controls over production processes.

Since carbon ir the most vital single element of steel, directly affecting strength, toughness, ductility and resistance to shock and abrasbn, the Ladish Chemical Laboratory i s. The particles are rnagnetkally attracted t o flaws which thus become visible.

Non-fenous pieces are immersed i n a fluorescent l i q u i d a n d then, after rinsing, scanned with ultra-violet "black light" under which m i nute imperfections are readily visible. Metallography, the e x e i n a t i o n of mic structure of metals reveal6 previous thern history, grain size, phase composition a n d i n cates to the metallurgist important engineeri characteristics.

Measuiing relativo toughness of metal determines its ability to withstand suddenly applied impact loads. A pendulum type impact testing machine i r used in the Ladish metallurgical laboiatoiy to pedorm hundmds of Charpy and lzod tests daily on notched bar samples. Atxurdiely f o h e d test b a n are rubjected to fluctuat. Exact determination of such important physical properties as s t a t i c strength, y i e l d strength, elongation, reduction of area and elasticity of metal i r made in the Ladish laboratory on this , pound hydraulic Tensile Testing machine.

These physical tests are perfonned over wide ranges of temperature. In common with al1 other chemical and metallurgical tests contributing to Ladish Controlled Quality, tensile examination is made of every lot of steel used b y Ladish to assure its compliance with specifications.

S a i n mbasutemecitr. Qiiic '. Along with. W h n tee h formad. R d n to othor footnoh on pago Inmmation on intmnodiah or largor rizo mducing outid boa. I NESS. Odm rrh. Fw Jbmndmol Takrawn, u e p e p M. See page fm ddda oa odieduk nainban a d weight dm For immional Tolranw, m p Grades A and B are avaiiatle froin stock.

Unless otherwise rpscified lap wa1d. Saddes aro d to minfome weiakd c o n n d h r m' h d m si bicrnch pjpm and aro nek in0rnbd te n4mbi lm-al prcwrun. Past experience with saddles indicates that while they reinforced the area immediately adjacent to the outlet undesirable rigidity developed in the crotch and side wall portions of the Iine.

Further, the restriction of geometric adjustment of the line caused stress eaks which have undoubtedly contributed to many of t e past failuro which have been associated with saddles. The unique design of the Ladish Split Tee eliminates such faults. Consisting of two half tee sedions, ib area of reinforcement extends completely around both line and branch pipes and for a generous distance along the line pipe on each side of the branch connection.

The two halves are welded together along the line of bisection with heat kept safely away from direct contact with the main line. Additional sup ort S gained b welding the branch outlet of the Split ee to the branch hne. The joint opposite the branch i s made with an exterior overlapping reinforcement strip which provides ample adjustment within the permisible ran e of dimensional tolerances to fit around the main line.

Futting and fitting on the job site are eliminated. The connection is completed by welding the overlapping strip to the mating half of the Split Tee. Welding to the line pipe as well as total weld deposition for the entira connection is held to a minimum.

Prices and dimensional data on application. Field photographs showbg progressive stages of making brandi connection to an in-setvice line and. Long Rrrclius facilitabs pip. I k ckraning ojwatiom and rnatwi. Priccir and diiinmriond data gn. Bore to be specified by the purchaser where none ir cataloged. Al1flanges, except lap joint flanges, will be furnished with a raised face unless othemise specified.

When shipment ir made, a shippin notice ir fomarded thi rearon corred to the destination d ths. This inDelivery required BY.. If order i s based on Ladish quotation, quotation number should be made pad of the order. Orders should be placed with our Authorized Ladish Co. Hot, plastic metal fined in closed impression dies. The illustration at the right is a macro-etched. It shows how the grain structure and fibre-like flow line formation of the metal have been refined and.

This assures maximum strength in this area where load and. FEns ut woin ruco I. F-I chamhnd, diild, o d f d si Faciqp-pagll Wdding , h I detail nmupoads to tbmt sh m pags Dinmnrional Toluancesp Pmsum-Temparan R- io. RaUlgu-p-S Standard Aanga Fedngr-agr 1O-1 Ring T JoiRt d.

T k i h "U"1ai orr rcorldr lunibh. Samami Flang. OTheso Iengths includ. Ring Type Joint details-pages Dimmional Tdrancmpaga Prossure-Temperatw RaQags-pages For information on stalnlon tt.

OThese Iengthc indud. Rtng Type Jdnf d. Standard Fleinga Facingspriga Ring fype Joint details-puges Dimensional Tolermcwpage Prerrun-Teniperature Ratings-pwes P8. ASA Dimmdonal T d r r u o - 1 paga I For idormdon m ainiem rtnl, alloy v. Ladish Forged Steel L a p Joint Flanges are forged under exacting metallurgical control, accurately machined to full dimensions k. Dlarmdonal Preaun-1IlOibmpooH s -dl. MaHd SpedRcaikmrpq.

Ali dhmhat etvm 41 hdirr Fl aro f m d d faad, diiSId, ondspeifacndorbpakd. Alr, lrniidd i a AiOS-Grade Mabdal Sp. DiaunJoaal Tolrancespag. Mdwid Sp. H ASA. Flcm i. Ring T v p. Joht d. Dimmdonal Tokrarnm-. Dinunsions for. Unions excepting that alloy studs and two carbon steel jack screws are included. Sizes 3" and srnaller are furnished the same as lb. A k hnblr AlaGradr II. Data on Pipe Line Flanges has been developed and published. While these Pipe Line Flanges, which range in size from 96 through 36 inches in increments of 9 inches, are designated b y customary American Standard classes of , and pound primary rating, their use is almost entirely con-.

They are intended primarily for attachment to thin wall,. Bolt circles, etc. Small ends of Welding Neck Flange Hubs are thicker than pipe. Additional thickness has been added to the hub O. For reduction to sises smaller than shown, d to specified nominal pipe size.

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Ladish Catalog No 55









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