Please read the safety instructions completely and carefully, before using the Q-Box. The Manufacturer. The louvers of the devices. Do not expose the device to. Risk of electric shock.

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Quick Links. See also: Installation Manual. Surf and Talk with livebox. Table of Contents. Orange livebox quality is reliable and the ADSL speed is stable and is not affected by weather.

Orange livebox customers can connect more than 1 PC anywhere inside the home or the office using 1 WiFi livebox. Page 4: Table Of Contents Frequently asked questions We hope you will be pleased with your experience and with what you can achieve with this advanced piece of technology.

In order to get the most out of your new service, we recommend that you spend some time getting familiar with this guide, as it will describe in detail all the functions of this product. Offers With WiFi livebox you can enjoy: 1. Wired internet up to three computers and wireless internet via WiFi technology.

Surf and Talk Page 10 When you click apply you should save the modifications by clicking now then reboot. Insert the Check that the type of power supply available in your premises conforms to the mains voltage required to power your livebox. Check that the power supply lead is correctly connected at one end to the mains power network socket as shown in figure a.

Check that the power supply connector is correctly inserted into the corresponding connector power on the livebox as shown in figure a. Check the IP address Page If the problem still persists try to reset your by disconnecting the power plug then reconnect it. Customer Care 06 Check that the cable between the livebox and the filter is connected correctly as shown below: 2. If the problem still persists check your internet access. If the problem persists call Customer Care 06 2.

ADSL line status is If the problem persists, check that the Ethernet card is identified, and then follow the steps below: i. Page 19 3. The following screen will appear: ii. You cannot use VoIP unless the telephone is directly connected to the livebox. This means that you cannot use the VoIP without connecting the wire directly between the livebox modem and the telephone set RJ This manual is also suitable for: Livebox Print page 1 Print document 25 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR.

Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.


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