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Gent Belgium - EskoArtwork announces a major new release of its most popular prepress editor, ArtPro 9. With more than 12, licenses worldwide, ArtPro has become the standard among companies involved with packaging and label prepress. Based on input from thousands of professional users, ArtPro 9. First users report increased productivity and efficiency, which saves them costs.

Further integration of ArtPro, the flagship product for label editing, with EskoArtwork's complete workflow portfolio has been a priority for the ArtPro 9. ArtPro 9. With support for Visualizer Ink Books, users are able to effortlessly preview finishing and enable layers of label designs in Visualizer, showing photo-realistic 3D mock-ups and dynamic print visualizations.

With its customizable short-cuts and dedicated workspaces, ArtPro 9. With an instant link with Esko Visualizer, users can quickly and easily make virtual 3D mock-ups of packaging jobs-from folding cartons to flexible packaging. Thus, any mismatches between graphic and structural designs can be identified quickly, while complex special varnishes and finishing processes can be visualized and approved without risking misinterpretation.

ArtPro has a number of new features to ensure a job will print the way it is supposed to. For example, a new highlight filter identifies areas that need special attention, such as scum dots, screening conflicts or hairlines that might make output unusable. Users can rotate the design view to read text and view design content more easily, saving time and reducing proofing errors. An improved rendering of reversed content lets users see what will be printed before expensive proofs, plates or cylinders are produced.

ArtPro packaging and label artwork can now be viewed with the platform-independent BackStage Viewer. Users can view or compare jobs anywhere, anytime, and in any file format. New ArtiosCAD production support allows companies that produce folding cartons to seamlessly import the die manufacturing information the "intelligent dieline" from ArtiosCAD, saving time and preventing errors.

It also allows a wide range of files to be step-and-repeated either manually or semi-automatically. Thus, the software is easier to download and combine with other EskoArtwork products. The new registration system also allows users to subscribe to ArtPro on a month-to-month basis and eliminates downtime due to theft or inoperable dongles. The best gets better "We are continuously benchmarking our product features and technology against the demands of our customers, who are under increasing pressure to enhance productivity and reduce errors," adds Adegeest.

Visit InkjetInsight. Member Center Renew membership, reset password, set email and notification preferences. WhatTheyThink is the global printing industry's leading independent media organization with both print and digital offerings, including WhatTheyThink. EskoArtwork introduces ArtPro 9. Search WhatTheyThink. About WhatTheyThink WhatTheyThink is the global printing industry's leading independent media organization with both print and digital offerings, including WhatTheyThink.

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