User's Manual v3. It is not allowed to copy or pass to third persons the total or part of it. The copyright is exclusively at Mitutoyo Messgeraete GmbH. You get an overview about the big program groups Mitutoyo is offering to you. Select the topic you want, either from the table of contents or from the index. Help" in the dialogue windows.

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Register using one of the other methods below. The course registration number CRN of the course s you want to register in. If you are new to Mohawk College, and do not have a Mohawk ID, you can create a profile during the web registration process. In person Register in person at The Square at any of our three campuses. See inside back cover. Available to download online at ce. If you are new Y to Mohawk College, and do not have a Mohawk ID, you will be given one during the registration process.

NOTE: Registration by fax or mail does not guarantee a place in the course. Acknowledgment will be mailed to you within 10 days of processing. Dunham teaches in the evenings for Mohawk while working full-time for Mitutoyo Canada Inc. Quick Reference Guide How to Register Inside front cover Registration Form Program Guide Important Information Campus Codes and Locations Contact Us The building was constructed to house state-of-the-art lecture theatres, labs, and industry training centers.

One such lab is the Mitutoyo Physics and Metrology Lab, which was developed thanks to the inspiration and initiative of George Miltenburg and Miranda Dunham. Community Services and Support ce.

Creative, Media and Interdisciplinary Studies ce. Technology and Skills Development ce. The delivery method is identified in the course listings as OntarioLearn, eLearn or Online. Your start-up information is different depending on the delivery. Most courses are delivered starting in January, May and September. There are also many monthly intake course offerings. Courses are delivered over a set time period and are led by instructors. They are not self-paced or self-directed.

There are scheduled start and end dates and you cannot start late or finish early. Course is online through OntarioLearn. Refer to ce. Visit ce. It is your responsibility to login to your course s prior to the refund deadline.

Course is online through Mohawk College Registration is open until 6 calendar days after the official start date unless otherwise stated. Computer system requirements are listed on the website.

Most courses have an in-person exam. You can book your exam online through MyMohawk. Proctoring is available for those who live at a distance.

The delivery location is identified in the course listings. You will go to the appropriate location on the start date at the time listed. Other See course description for details. Classroom locations are also posted at the main campus entrances.

Room numbers can change as late as p. Please check the schedule frequently. Rules and regulations apply and paid parking may be required. Contact HSR at or hamilton. Blended The delivery location is identified in the course listings as Blended Campus.

A blended course is designed to integrate face-to-face and online activities so that they reinforce, elaborate on, and complement one another. The campus code in the delivery location indicates the campus where the classroom component is held. See Classroom above for a list of campuses. In most cases, the course description will give you the specific dates of the classroom components.

These dates are subject to change and in some cases will not be set until after the course has started. Read more at mohawkcollege. Program Guide We offer more than programs through Continuing Education! They can be completed online, in the classroom, or a mix of both. Check the listed page numbers for details. We also offer stand-alone courses at the back of each section. Check out the programs and courses just added! Let us know at ce. Acknowledgement of Completion Register for a workshop and develop a new skill in 10 hours or less.

Aerial Lifts for Construction Confined Space Awareness for Entrants and Monitors Ladder Safety Scissor Lifts in Industrial and Construction Environments Sewing - Introduction Transportation of Dangerous Goods Canada Hydraulic Safety in Construction Welding Skills Practice Sessions Basic Electrical Ozone Layer Protection Awareness Program Phlebotomy Training Private Investigator-Licensing Requirements Git workshop Neonatal Resuscitation-Provider Certification Private Security Basic Training Module 5: Developing and Implementing Maintenance Tactics Our selection of courses offered this term can be found below.

Find what interests you, and flip to the page number listed for course details. NET 76 Programming in. Analytics for Business Decision Making Office Administration - General Certificate Applied Accounting - Bookkeeping Stand-Alone Courses Accounting and Finance Effective business decisions today come as a result of interpreting large amounts of data.

Data Analytics provides the specialized knowledge necessary for you to become a skilled professional essential to an employer's business decision making process. Use data from a variety of sources to develop and validate predictive models that will aid business planning with an emphasis on marketing trends.

Prepare a model that responds to corporate needs within a specified confidence interval that can be easily used and maintained by non-technical users. Blended weekly delivery: 3 hour in-class lab, 1 hour online. Apply the fundamentals of project management to the field of information technology. Demonstrate an understanding and application of scheduling, scope, budgeting, risk assessment, critical path and resources through case studies.

Blended weekly delivery: 3 hour in-class lab, and 2 hours online. Understand the types and use of business data collected and identify the how and why of using it. Identify and examine legal, ethical and strategic uses of Business Practice handling of important and significant data and appropriate data analysis using case studies and individual and group assignments through in-class and virtual delivery. Blended weekly delivery: 2 hour in-class lab, 1 hour online. The foundation of Business Analysis is planning, stakeholder analysis, and structure and cultural awareness of an enterprise or business entity.

Prepare for Business Analysis projects through needs analysis and business plan development using industry standard strategies such as project charter, interview and focus group techniques. Blended weekly delivery: 2 hour in-class lecture, and 1 hour online. Develop and implement a data-driven report, for a client, geared for business decision making.

Develop communication, project management and requirements gathering skills using real-world or case-study data and client interactions. Setup and implement appropriate analytics software and present recommendations to an appropriate audience.


Category : Flow Measurement

Provisional Patent Application No. DE 10 The invention relates to a device for optically scanning and measuring an environment. By means of a device such as is known for example from DE 20 , and which is designed as a laser scanner, the environment of the laser scanner can be optically scanned and measured. For gaining additional information, a line scan camera, which takes RGB signals, is mounted on the laser scanner, so that the measuring points of the scan can be completed by color information. The camera holder is rotatable.


PDF Um Geopak Engl v3.0

Register using one of the other methods below. The course registration number CRN of the course s you want to register in. If you are new to Mohawk College, and do not have a Mohawk ID, you can create a profile during the web registration process. In person Register in person at The Square at any of our three campuses. See inside back cover.


US9074883B2 - Device for optically scanning and measuring an environment - Google Patents

The downloads section gives you access to a huge resource of downloadable product information. Choose a section. Product brochures contain the essential technical detail you need to make informed decisions on any particular product. Simply click on a title to download a PDF copy of that brochure. If you would like a hard copy of a brochure, technical advice on any product or a demonstration then please contact us. We're always happy to help! Written descriptions and still pictures can only go so far in describing how things work, or are used.

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