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Centre in Nepal runs only in September. Hope that helps. Respected sir, I have few queries: 1. How is future career down time decreased?? Hello there thanks for the comment. If you are IMG and freshly graduated, then even after MRCP its better to do non training job and apply in next session of core training recruitment. MRCP is for general and acute medicine and not for surgical speciality.

MRCP is a must in future to progress further in medical speciality career. Doing few parts of MRCP early will help you in future and the transition becomes faster and smooth. If i have to go for one online qbank subscription , which one would it be? I have hard copies for both pssmed and passtest. For part 1, passmedicine is always regarded as best. I took subscription for passmedicine only for part 1 and pastest only for part 2. Do you have any idea about the approach towards mrcpsych?

And whether the procedure is the same. I'm mbbs, with 2 years of M. Thanks for your kind information One query i had finished my mbbs in March and internship 1 year in March and then 6 month additional work experience so can I give part 1 exam or I need to get more 6 month experience Thank you in advance.

Candidates will therefore not be admitted to the MRCP UK Part 1 Examination until 12 months after the date of graduation given on their diploma of medical qualification. Hence, whether or not you are eligible depends on the date mentioned on your graduation certificate. Congratulations doctor. Great achievement by you! I am a specialist ophthalmologist from India and thinking of going this route. Please help. Hello doc, thanks for your comments.

I dont think MRCP is the pathway for ophthalmologist. Hope that clarifies. Valuble piece of information sir. Do you know a place that I can get the pdf of Mahgraby notes? From where you did the pastest past papers? Do I have to buy both subscription passmedicine and pastest?

Subscription of both passmedicine and pastest is so far the best combination for part 1 preparation. However its up to you. You can stick up to one question bank as well. If i study harder, what do u think will be a better option to add between online subscription of passtest and notes and notes?

Maghraby and passmedicine will be your base. If you add on pastest, for me it would be an ideal preparation. Provided you retain what u study. Best of luck doc. I had lots of confusion about MRCP, which are now clarified! The information here is detailed and very helpful. Thanks a lot doctor and keep up the great work! You are welcome doctor. I feel glad that u found it helpful.

Best of luck for your endeavors too. Sir i have 2 quires , I have to learn these notes and books like passmedicine and pastest word by word like deseases with full complications and treat till end or take jus basic knowledge about them? Hello doc. First of all thank you that you liked the article. You need to have thorough concept, and that doesn't mean word by word, but sound concept on disease. To have a basic overview of what RCP expects you to have knowledge of, better idea to subscribe passmedicine and see the type of questions they generally ask.

All are multiple choice questions. Thank you for such a nice post. It's helping me tremendously, I have bookmarked it and read it almost every day. I have a query regarding the application process. After or before paying for the examination? So I am a bit confused. Thank you. Let me clarify on that part. I paid for the exam, then i got rcp code along with payment confirmation. Using that rcp code, i sent my pmq for verification.

Now here comes the twist, one of my friend got rcp code, right after creating an account. So i mentioned it interchangeably on the order. Rcp code is the main thing u need before sending pmq. Thanku soo much for this article Dr. Im From India and was having a hard time to figure out the exact process.. You have been soo helpful by writing an article like this and creating such a blogpost! It was hard to find but somehow I found it and it is beyond worth it!

Please keep updating this valuable blogpost with your career progression.. I m glad that u found this blog useful. I will keep on updating with whatever comes forward, and whatever i find worthy to share. Thanks doc. I am making a whatsapp grp for those who are targeting Sept exam. I am IMG from Kyrgyzstan recently cleared pmdc exam liscence exam to get registered in Pakistan And it's already 8 months from my diploma.

But still need to start hosuejob. So as you mentioned in order to appear in mrcp part 1 need to be 1 year duration on the date mention on UG diploma or we should have fy1. The requirement is 12 months post grad experience.

Things they will check is whether your Primary Medical Qualification your graduation certificate is atleast 1 year old than the exam date or not. Thank You Dr Siddartha. You did great help through your blog for upcoming aspirants like us. Thank You. Harrissons will definitely make your preparation easy. Best of luck. MRCP Part - 1. These are all my personal views, you listen to all other views, but take a decision yourself.

All the contents here are my personal experiences and honest reviews, and is not intended to promote or advertise any product here. If you find anything here objectional do contact me, so that I can review them from your perspective. The journey of MRCP UK Part 1 is always sweet and memorable in my life because I passed it in my first attempt, all on my own, in short period of time, took it when I was first eligible to take it, without any formal post-grad residency experience and without resigning from my duty.

Following is my topic-wise breakdown of marks:. I am including all the questions asked by you previously. Why MRCP? Maybe you are in one of that category. I fall into the third category. But whichever be your purpose, no doubt this is the examination of high stake in many sense. What is the total exam fee? What is the duration of your preparation? I started my preparation since the beginning of September for January 8th, exam.

Since I was entirely unknown about anything related to this examination, my most of the time during the first month went on by asking questions like what is the proper material and question banks for this exam, what to study and whatnot, etc. My real preparation begun from October after registering for this exam, as there was no way out after registration ;P. What are the materials available for MRCP part 1 examination? There are 3 different preparation notes popular for this exam.


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Passmedicine will help candidates become familiar with these common MRCP themes. If your exam has been cancelled due to the Covid pandemic PassMedicine will give you a free extension until the next exam. This also applies to new customers whose exam is cancelled after they have subscribed. Read more. PassMedicine constructs a histogram based on other candidates scores which is updated on a daily basis.


Whilst subscription allows access to Passmedicine's extensive collection of revision notes it should be noted that there is no overlap with the Part 1 resource in terms of questions - all are written specifically for the Part 2. If your exam has been cancelled due to the Covid pandemic PassMedicine will give you a free extension until the next exam. This also applies to new customers whose exam is cancelled after they have subscribed. Read more. PassMedicine constructs a histogram based on other candidates scores which is updated on a daily basis. This not only allows you to see where you are in the pecking order but also helps predict whether you're ready to take the exam.





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