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Uploaded by Islam Amin. Document Information click to expand document information Description: anatomy book. Date uploaded May 15, Did you find this document useful? Is this content inappropriate? Report this Document.

Description: anatomy book. Flag for Inappropriate Content. Download Now. Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Goal emi agra ow organization the 3 muscles layer of the 3 muscles layer of the 3muscles Origin has one site of origin: has 2 sites of origin: has 3 sites of origin:! DB: the Lt-portion usually hangs lower than the Rt. The post. Opening into lesser Sac epiploic forarnen Ww Definition: it is a vertical slit like passage which.

IE-Mesenteries: peritoneal folds connecting the mobile Parts of the intestine tothe 7 pest- abdominal wall They include: the mesentery of the smallintestine , page 48 2 transverse mesocolon p.

Greater Omentum 35 uti is a peritoneal fold connecting the stomach to He tr-tolon- iit descends as an apton from the greater curvature. They descend for a varlable distance then fold back upon themselves becoming post-2 layers. N yin duodenal : — jtunderfies the inf-duodenal fold on the Lt: side of lowerend of ith part of ued.

Its position is indicated by: hw creulor groove pyloric Dicer ell plepyloric v- of Mayo seen only in the living mach, connecting the Kt-gaskric. Joining the cardiac orifice to the: greater curvalane GyBodly : extends Frein the level of the Cardiac: notch la axriwaginary line between the angular notch to a.

L-area of ant. Y jor gastric area: ing LNs are. Communications: above : itis Continuous-with ascending colon. Colic Flexue above to the LE-border oF pelvic brinr below where it ends by becoming the sigmoid pelvicitolon [Size 1olong about double the length of ascenching colon — but having anarrower lumen. IMedial relations: coils of small intestine- tit descends on the Following structures tunsversus lominis m- Lat.

Itincludes : Inf. Surface of the 1t- lobe is related to : Ff this surface gastric impression. B: Right triariqular ligament, :-— : : the Reend of the bare area of liver to Ibis a peritoneal fold extending from : the under surface of the diaphragm Ibis formed by he meeting of the 2 layers of the. Coronary ligament:- 2 obliterated Vascular ligaments are attached fo the liver: tum teres: obliterated LE-umbilical vein See p.

Relations ter -polon a st partof ducdenum. Iepatis,lying infront. Kidney: : 2. Witdescends,with a slight curve convex tothe leFE, behind the peritoneum of the post- abdorninal wall 3 then it enters the pelvis by crossing the Lt-common iliac a. Vv Renal Artery sin the middle eee Pelvis of the ureter: most posteriorly. B-[Thebneurovasculor Structures ]:inchide gt subcostal nerve: They intervene between the kidney 8 the- blihypogastric nerve.

Neg superiorly, the Llayers Fuse above the suprarenal gland but below the 2 layers remain separate. CaRt-renal V. Each renal artery divides into 5 segmental brs. Abdominal Part: ener! Pelvic Part; Course arelations: 92 wy itenters the pelvis by crossing infront. I :Inf-vesicala- br-of int-iliac a-. Termination : at: the lower border of -4 vertebra, slightly to the Le-oF median plane by dividing into 2.

Mmesenteric a. Details of the branches of the aorta 4- Coeliac trunk: see p. NB: ibis accompanied ky median sacral v. C, Rt-renal v. Guureteric brs. Anterior ic Rileocolit i : RE. Uy terminal part of descending colon rian a-have the same. Sole siotor nerves ta the diaphragin Sensory: y phrenic nerves are sensory to the central port. F diaphragm to of the diaphragm which Pee ph. Kidney 8,kt-suprarenal gland a ed lobe of the liver : ay its He sideis related oe kidney z.

Kareem Waleed Ibrahim Hamimy. Karim Elshimii. More From Islam Amin. Islam Amin. Isak Isak Isak. Stella Nguyen.


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