This banner text can have markup. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. You have already guessed what this book is about, haven't you? Did you cheat by browsing? Well, it's true.

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This banner text can have markup. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. You have already guessed what this book is about, haven't you? Did you cheat by browsing?

Well, it's true. I'm going to help you make silencers, right in your home, from simple, everyday materials. Silencers are very useful and fun to use. In simple terms, they allow a firearm to discharge much more quietly than the blast normally associated with a gun- shot.

Think about how useful and fun that could be! The straight world uses silencers so as to not disturb the neighbors while target shooting, or to muffle that muzzle blast to make shooting more peaceful and civilized. And a silencer can help cut down on that awful gunfire roar that so often frightens first-time shooters. There are also nefarious uses for silencers. Some folks are paid by other folks to shoot even other folks. Quite often the shooter will use a silencer, especially if he or she is a professional.

The SMG silencer has to be made of steel and other heavy components because of the heat and stress caused by the high rate of fire. The handgun silencer can be built of aluminum or PVC pipe. There is an in-between world, though, which I modestly call the Land of Haydukery. There are times in the conduct of human affairs when it becomes nec- essary to Hayduke someone or something through the nonlethal use of a firearm, and prudent tactic suggests a silencer.

I'll suggest some actual scenarios a bit later, but there are some preliminary considerations to disseminate. First, some explanations.

Unlike the savants in the field of firearm silencers see Chapter 8 , I am not going to be technical or anti-semantic. For example, I will call a silencer a silencer, unlike the picky correctocrats who insist on calling them suppressors. I might refer to a silencer as a can, because that's how the real manufacturers refer to a silencer when they talk among themselves, away from us mortals.

Another thing; don't look for a lot of math and physics babble in this book. My silencer ideas just make guns shoot quieter without any concern for decibel reduction squared upon itself, or any other mental masturbation that technocrats usually use to baffle us with their bullshit.

What you get in this book is how to build a working silencer at your kitchen table in less than an evening's time, using only common hand tools and easily available, inexpensive materials. That's right; your kitchen table, hand tools, hard- ware store supplies, and my real ly-easy-to-fol low instructions, complete with illustrations. That's it. You don't need a lathe, or even have to know anyone who has one, to make these very effective silencers right in your own home.

How's that for fun?! Of course, there is the legal swamp. If you wish to build or purchase a silencer legally, you can still do so. Illustration courtesy of J. They are cutaway so that the serious scholar of silencerology can study the design details and note the differences in acoustical engineering.

Photo courtesy of John A. It seems that the anti-gun Loony Tunes are turning up the volume on their babble about legislating silencers into illegality. Nonetheless, if you can still purchase a silencer legally by the time you read this, it will cost you a lot of money to do so, and your name and fingerprints will be on permanent file with the feds; not the coolest of situations for an active Hayduker.

The next option is an illegal silencer. These can be had quite easily, about the same way you might pick up an illegal, unregistered handgun-knowing the right person in the right bar, pawnshop, or other environ- ment where shady entrepreneurs hang out.

All it takes is cash, with no questions and no paperwork. This is very risky, however, because the federal cops like to set up sting operations and other nasty entrapments so they can bust people who buy and sell illegal silencers.

I'd avoid this option if I were you. If you must exer- cise this option, please be careful. Trust nobody. Set up cutouts. Play it very safely and stay out of jail. You don't have to be an engineer, master craftsman, or even a machinist to make a silencer. Silencers are all around us, just waiting to be created by modifying something into something else that will quiet a firearm.

For ex- ample, turning a 2-liter plastic pop bottle into a silencer takes only a few moments and a bit of electrical tape. You can get your sweet ass in a whole lot of deep, murky, serious shit if you actually build or possess an unregistered and therefore illegal device. And since you're not a truly dangerous criminal, the feds will bust you quicker and easier than they would a real bad guy.

Be very careful! I included those harsh words to warn you. And believe me, the feds are out there laying their repressive presence over the nation like the lid of a pressure cooker. So take my advice: If you want to build a silencer, file the necessary paperwork with the Bureau of Al- cohol, Tobacco and Firearms BATF before you start or even contemplate construction.

You have to have their approval before you begin any manufacture or take possession of any silencer, as indicated on the special federal forms that are reproduced in this book. That's the straight, stand-up way to do things in a kinder, gentler America, gentle reader.

You also need to check your state and local laws to see what the legal situation is for silencers in your area. I really think you should approach this carefully and legally, as I suggest in Chapter 4. So why do people build and possess illegal silenc- ers if the penalty is so heavy? I already explained why. Silencers are neat, a lot of fun, and often very useful. Alas, there are many decisional pitfalls in our world of social discourse, and for me to say what is proper is actually improper.

Use your own vulgar judgment. When in doubt, however, do the opposite of what seems to be right. As you peruse the pages to come, think before you act, create, build, or possess. But always remember that old German proverb, "The silent dog is the first to bite. Jonni McNamara of San Jose. It's no secret that we live in dangerous times in a dangerous country. That's how people finally realized what Poppy Bush meant by his famous "thousand points of light" cliche— it's your dazed view just after a mugger slams you over the head.

A silencer works exactly like the muffler on an auto- mobile. The muffler alters and reduces the very loud sound of an internal combustion engine's exhaust. A firearm silencer alters and reduces the very loud sound of a firearm's discharge. Simply stated, a silencer muf- fles a firearm's report. A couple of facts you should know. Silencers are never truly as silent as they are shown on television, nor are they as small as the TV cans. Thus, silencers work best on closed-system guns, like single- shot, semiautomatic, or bolt-action guns.

Anytime you would want to fire a gun in a situation where you would be happier if nobody could identify the sound as a gunshot, you need a silencer. If you want to disguise the sound of a shot so a listener thinks he or she has heard something else, you need a si- lencer.

If you don't want a potential ear witness to know from which direction a shot was fired, you need a silencer. So, as the wonderful comedian Steven Wright once asked; "If you're going to shoot a mime, should you use a silencer? I am also including the experiences and suggestions of personal friends whose colorful and often shadowy lives have wafted into the arcane world of silencers. Treat these next few pages as either a menu of ideas or a creative compost pile of potential silencer uses for your adoption, adaptation, or modification.

Or, just read for the good, pure fun for which all of this is intended. It involves driving spikes, nails, or other hard foreign objects into trees that are marked Some Neat Things You Can Do With Silencers 13 to be murdered by the various land rapists who cut down too many to begin with.

The idea is that the bad guys' massive chain saws will be ruined when they bite into these spikes, thus upsetting the cutters and not the trees. Obviously, pounding large nails and spikes into trees makes noise, which will alert the land rapist bully boys, a.

Sooooo, why not use a silenced gun to launch your projectiles? You can use ordinary ammunition or special missiles e. It's really a rhetorical question. My old pal Pedro Maxishields is a gun lover who had a nasty neighbor whose sewer overflowed into a third neighbor's yard. The nasty neighbor denied any liability, then physically threatened the elderly neigh- bor if he called the police.

I would make lightning wreck his tree. The damn can must have been two feet long and thick as a baseball bat. It took me twenty-five shots and about half an hour, but all of a sudden there was this cracking groan and the top twenty feet of this huge, top-heavy tree toppled over and crashed destructively downward.

Smashed the hell out of the roof, and busted this big skylight that was one-third of the roof's surface. It took all kinds of people and time to clear and repair the mess.

His insurance people didn't pay either, claiming the lightning hit the tree and that was an act of God and nature.

He had to take them to court to get his money and that cost him, too.


The Hayduke Silencer Book : Quick and Dirty Homemade Silencers by George Hayduke (Trade Paper)

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The Hayduke Silencer Book

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