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To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Weishaupt gas burner WG Viel Malongayon.

Contents 1 General information 5 7 Servicing 7. The plant operator must note that the plant must be Explanation of notes and symbols inspected at least once a year by an agent of the This symbol is used to mark instructions, contractor or other suitably qualified person. To ensure which, if not followed, could result in death or regular inspections, -weishaupt- recommends a service serious injury.

DANGER The contractor should instruct the plant operator in the use of the equipment prior to hand-over and inform him as and This symbol is used to mark instructions, when necessary of any further inspections that are which, if not followed, could result in life required before the plant can be used. Procedures with more than one step are Operating Instructions numbered. However, improper use of the earthed, and protected from adjacent equipment that equipment could endanger life of the user or a third party, might still be under voltage!

Cut off the fuel supply. Damaged seals must be replaced. Carry out a soundness test! Special attention should be paid to the relevant All conversions require written confirmation from installation and safety guidelines given.

Max Weishaupt GmbH. Local Codes of Pipe thread connection Practice and Regulations. Please observe the prevailing user instructions! The pipework must be completely purged. Any other use is only permissible with the written agreement of Max Weishaupt GmbH. Servicing requirements may be at more frequent intervals where arduous operating conditions demand. For modulating operation, a step controller is with the following functions: required available as an accessory.

The gas pressure switch is also employed for automatic valve proving. The burner is controlled via Equalises variations in pressure from the gas supply the keypad, which also allows you to call up information on network, thus providing a constant gas pressure and a the burner.

The control gas pressure is set with this device. The limiting throughout the operating range of the burner. Flame sensor Monitors the flame during all phases of operation. If the Gas pressure switch flame signal does not correspond to the sequence of With too low a gas pressure, the low gas program is operations, a safety lockout will occur. The gas pressure switch also serves as part of the automatic valve proving.

Air pressure switch If there is a drop in the air supply, the air pressure switch causes a safety lockout. After a waiting time of two minutes a restart of the burner is attempted. The combustion manager tests for erroneous pressure increases and pressure drops in the gas line. Installation 4 4. Failure to comply could in Switzerland, the regulations of the SVGW and the VKF, cause death or serious injury by electric as well as local and cantonal regulation must be observed.

If the delivery is incomplete or damaged, contact the deliverer. Transport For the transport weights of the burners and valve trains see Ch. Storage Be aware of the permissible ambient conditions when storing see Ch. The ratings given on the burner plate are the minimum and maximum possible firing rates of the burner.

See capacity graphs Ch 8. Space requirement For burner and valve train dimensions see Ch. The refractory must not protrude Drilling dimensions beyond the front edge of the combustion head. Refractory d4 Refractory may not be required on boilers with water d2 cooled fronts, unless the manufacturer gives other Flange gasket instructions. Dimensions in mm and refractory must d1 d5 Head d1 d2 d3 d4 d5 l1 be filled with resilient, non-combustible insulating material.

Installing the burner Burner installation 1. Remove mixing head 5 see Ch. Loosen screws 4 3. Fix the burner flange to the heat exchanger with screws 3. Push burner over the stay bolts 6.

Fit and tighten screws 4 7. Fit mixing head see Ch. Ensure the burner has been mounted correctly to avoid critically hot temperatures, which could lead to serious burns if skin comes into contact with the burner flange. Do not compensate for misalignment by over tightening. To avoid accidents, please follow the following safety Do not tighten or seal pipe thread connections on the information on valve train installation.

Mounting the valve train from the right Note 1. Mount the components in the order shown in the FRS: Can be mounted with the spring in the diagram. However, the remove the gas pressure switch 3 following additional steps are necessary: 2.

Remove the closing plug 1 3. Fix the gas pressure switch to the opposite side of the DMV. Fix the closing plug to the opposite side.

Connect test assembly to the gas filter and DMV inlet. Open test point between V1 and V2. Connect test assembly to test point between V1 and V2. Open the test point after V2. Insert blanking plate. See also note in Ch. Connect the test assembly to the test point after V2 1 and the connection flange of the gas butterfly valve.

After the soundness test remove the blanking plate. Tighten the Torx screws on the mixing head. DMV: During the soundness test the closing plugs on the valve train should be replaced with test nipples. Check polarity of the connection plugs 2 and 1.

Electrical connection Wiring diagram see Ch. Plug the 4 pole plug 1 for capacity control into the combustion manager. Plug the 7 pole plug 2 from the boiler controller. Plug the cable plugs coming out of the burner housing 3 3 and 4 in to the gas pressure switch and the DMV solenoid valve plugs are coded and tighten the screws. For boiler controls which can only be fitted with a 6. Safety fusing of supply line: min. At this measures for contact protection of electrical equipment time, all the control and safety equipment must be and of all wiring must be checked.

If work has been carried out on the gas line, i. Lines have to be purged with gas until the remaining air or exchanging of parts, valve trains or gas meters, re- inert gas has been expelled from the line. The ball valve on commissioning may only be carried out after the relevant the gas train must be kept closed during supply line lines have been purged by the local gas authority.

Electrical continuity must be ensured when changing items in the gas train. Check gas supply pressure Check gas supply pressure Risk of explosion!

If the supply pressure is too high it can destroy Max Weishaupt GmbH, Schwendi the valve train. Leistung 0,9 kW kW Fabr. Connect pressure gauge to the inlet of the multifunction assembly or with DMV to the filter. Slowly open the ball valve while watching the pressure gauge. Close the ball valve immediately the supply pressure exceeds the maximum permissible valve train pressure mbar. Do not start burner!

Inform the plant operator. Connect a hose, leading out to safe atmosphere, to the test point before V1 on the DMV. Open the ball valve. The gas in the valve train is vented to the atmosphere via the hose. Small amounts of gas can be burnt off at the end of the hose with a suitable test burner. Select and set the required pre-setting for the air damper and diffuser. The values have been calculated on test flame tubes 2. Determine gas setting pressure. EN under idealised atmospheric and combustion actual setting is carried out during burner chamber conditions.

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